Chill Out for Winter Safety Partner Resources


Chill Out for Winter Safety Parter Resources

Bring Chill Out to Your Community

We’re able to share the Chill Out for Winter Safety program with hundreds of students and their parents each year in Northern Michigan. This interaction with kids is a critical component of the program. By using memorable characters, song, and repetition, this program leaves a lasting impression on youth.

We’re here to help you share this important message and proudly offer all the tools necessary to make this program a success in your school or organization.

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Donate -- Your contribution helps support free helmets, fittings, and education across Northern Michigan
  • Host a helmet clinic at your local ski resort or sledding hill
  • Deliver the Chill Out for Winter Safety curriculum to your child’s classroom
  • Encourage your local library to adopt the Chill Out lesson plan as part of their curriculum
  • Share our information or sample posts on social media about helmet safety
  • Ask your church to focus on winter safety as part of regular Sunday School

For More Information

Program Founder and Director, Tammie Budrow, gladly takes inquiries from organizations across the nation to help spread this message.

“When I lost my eight-year-old daughter to a downhill sledding accident, I was faced with a choice to question what knowledge I was lacking or to allow more children to fall victim to dangers we are unaware of. I decided to dedicate my time to an idea that had yet to be pursued: a winter safety program. I challenge you to also make a choice to change your perspective on winter safety”—Program Founder and Director, Tammie Budrow.

Contact her via email or call 231-384-0406.

What Our Community Says About Chill Out for Winter Safety

“I am a single mom with 3 kids. They all have bicycle helmets, but I couldn’t afford winter helmets for them too. Thank you!”

“These kids learn that wearing a helmet while skiing is just as important as buckling their seat belt when in a car. There is no doubt that this program prevents injuries and saves lives."

“My child took notes on the four things to remember and was humming the song for a few days. It helped reiterate what I tell her and taught us both something new!”