Short-term and Long-term Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Services: Focused on Your Recovery and Healing

Short- and long-term rehabilitation services can benefit people of all ages, and needs may vary widely. While some people stay at a rehabilitation center for a few weeks to recover from surgery, others might stay longer to regain daily living skills before they return home.

Regardless of your short- or long-term rehabilitation needs, Munson Healthcare offers highly skilled and devoted care teams at our convenient locations. Rehab teams are fully integrated with our hospital-based providers to help you recover and heal as quickly as possible.

Short-Term Rehabilitation with Specialized Recovery Teams

The focus of short-term rehabilitation is to develop a personal recovery plan that quickly and safely gets you back to the people, places, and daily activities you love. To manage your recovery, Munson Healthcare provides dedicated, skilled care teams of physicians, nurses, and therapists who offer services such as:

Discharge planning is an important part of our short-term rehabilitation services as well. To help prepare you for life after rehabilitation, we:

  • Discuss recuperation goals and plans for ongoing care, before you are admitted.

  • Regularly re-evaluate your plan to help you return to the best health possible.

  • Provide emotional support and education to you and your family, along with a customized care plan to help you maintain your health and independence following rehabilitation.

Convenient Locations Close to Home

Long-Term Rehabilitation for Specialized Needs

Long-term rehabilitation may be a better option for people who require significant daily living assistance or clinical care to help them recover from surgery, illness, or injury. Munson Healthcare creates comprehensive, customized care plans to meet the medical needs of each resident, as well as nurture the mind, body, and soul.

Our multidisciplinary approach to long-term rehabilitation gives residents access to a wide variety of specialists during their stay. Long-term rehabilitation services are offered primarily at Paul Oliver Living and Rehabilitation Center in Frankfort and at McReynolds Hall in Gaylord, although our other facilities offer such services on a limited, as-needed basis.

With Munson Healthcare’s approach to short- and long-term rehabilitation, your care is in good hands no matter how long you stay. You can rest assured that your complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs will be tended to by our skilled medical and care staff every step of the way.