MHF Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

Jan Abbey Jan Abbey

Describe Manistee Health and Fitness in one word.


Why did you choose to come to Manistee Health and Fitness?

Manistee Health and Fitness was by far the best choice because it offered trainers. The atmosphere and energy in the building cannot be beaten. I love the fact that someone is always around to help me if necessary. I train three times a week with Tyler and it has completely changed my life.

In your own words, describe the environment at Manistee Health and Fitness.

The environment at Manistee Health and Fitness is perfect for me. The staff and even others working out are full of smiles, welcomes, positivity, and encouragement!

What personal improvements have you noticed since coming to our gym?

More muscles! I was pretty weak before coming to Manistee Health and Fitness. Also, much more flexibility throughout my entire body! I can stand up straight now, go down steps with confidence, and have much more stamina. This is all particularly important at age 71.

Would you tell a family member or friend to come to Manistee Health and Fitness?

Definitely! Because of the welcoming atmosphere, I feel that they would have a better chance to continue to stick with it.