Spinal Cord Stimulation


Spinal Cord Stimulation for Nonsurgical Back and Leg Pain

Who is a Candidate?

  • Older woman clutching back in pain If you haven’t found chronic pain relief with other treatment options like physical therapy, medications, injections, or surgery, HFX could help relieve your pain
  • HFX is also a good treatment option for people who aren’t candidates for back surgery or who experience painful diabetic neuropathy

What is Nevro HFX Spinal Cord Stimulation?

  • HFX includes a small device that safely works inside your body by blocking pain signals to significantly reduce your pain and restore your quality of life
  • Learn more at www.NevroHFX.com

What to Expect: You Try it Before You Decide

You try HFX with a temporary system for about a week first to see how it relieves your pain:

  • The trial procedure is quick, simple, and outpatient
  • The trial is a time for you to evaluate your pain relief, improvement to your daily activities, and if it helps meet your pain management goals
  • 9 out of 10 people who try HFX, get enough relief to stay with it1
  • Learn more at www.NevroHFX.com/why-hfx/what-to-expect/

Based on your trial experience, we’ll work together to decide if you’ll move forward with the implant.

What Results Do People Experience with Nevro HFX?

  • Older adults walking outdoors HFX has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide find long-term pain relief2
  • People experience significant improvements in their quality of life3:
  • Sitting, standing, and walking is easier
  • Better sleep
  • More independence
  • Improved social life
  • See patient testimonials and reviews at www.NevroHFX.com/patient-stories/

Is HFX Covered by Insurance?

HFX is covered by all major insurance plans. Any specific cost and coverage questions can be answered at your consultation.

Next Steps: Talk with Us About This Treatment Option

  • Schedule a consultation with us or at your next appointment ask if Nevro HFX is a treatment option for you
  • Learn more at www.NevroHFX.com


Trusted Expertise

https://providers.munsonhealthcare.org/provider/Justine+D.+Pearl/2174481Justine Pearl, MD, is an oncologic neurosurgeon. In addition to general neurosurgery, Dr. Pearl brings neuro-oncology expertise for the treatment of tumors, brain metastasis, gliomas, and more. She is dedicated to helping patients struggling with chronic pain improve their quality of life.


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