Work Injury Treatment


Work Injury Treatment and Follow-up Care

Munson Healthcare takes care of your most valued asset — your employee.

Our physicians and health care professionals work in partnership with you and your injured employee to deliver the best, most comprehensive medical treatment in a caring and respectful environment using state-of-the-art procedures and technologies for the best possible outcomes.

We understand that time is money for both you and your employee. We follow up on all workers’ compensation visits to provide you with a full understanding of your employee’s medical condition and workability.

In addition, we schedule follow-up appointments to ensure your employees receive prompt, ongoing care for their injuries. We answer any questions they may have to help them better understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. Our mission is to return employees to health, and their jobs, as quickly as possible.

Skill Evaluation and Functional Capacity Assessment

Evaluations are an important tool in the recovery process. They take into consideration both the nature and extent of the injury and the physical requirements of the employee’s job, which leads to more effective treatment and better results.

Our physicians can help determine if an employee is physically ready to go back to work by administering Functional Capacity Assessments and skill evaluations, if needed. This would be scheduled through our physical therapy department. 

Additional Services

Munson Healthcare also offers radiology services, rehabilitative services, and laboratory testing that includes:

  • Initial bloodborne pathogens post-exposure testing

  • Prophylaxis treatment at our Grayling, Manistee, and Traverse City locations

For More Information

To learn more about Munson Healthcare Occupational Health and Medicine and our comprehensive care for work injuries, contact one of our convenient office locations.