Workplace Injury Prevention and Education


Insights into Healthy Worksites

Keeping your employees safe and healthy makes sound financial sense. In addition to regular physicals and tests, taking a critical look at your workplace operations can help identify potential safety risks that may threaten the health and productivity of your employees.

Munson Healthcare helps businesses prevent work injuries and illnesses through safe work practices and educational resources.

If you experience a high number of injuries in a particular area or department, our medical professionals can perform on-site workplace evaluations to identify risk factors, measure physical demands placed on employees, analyze injury reports, recommend job modifications, and offer training and other educational resources to reinforce safer work practices.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Poorly designed workstations, inefficient workflows, the wrong tools, or even bad habits such as slouching or sitting for too long can lead to musculoskeletal injuries or pain that keep employees from feeling and performing their best. Ergonomics evaluations can improve efficiency and comfort in the workplace and reduce injuries.

Munson Healthcare’s Occupational Health experts at Charlevoix, Grayling, or Traverse City can perform a thorough ergonomic assessment and analysis for you. Our worksite assessments help:

  • Control workers’ comp costs
  • Keep employees healthy and productive
  • Make the workplace safer
  • Reduce worksite injury
  • Return employees to work faster

Safety Assessments

Without a safety program in place, your business risks financial and reputational damage. At our Occupational Health and Medicine locations in Charlevoix, and Traverse City, Munson Healthcare can help protect your company and workforce with a program evaluation and improvement plan that includes:

  • Compliance requirements
  • Educational resources
  • Health and safety program management
  • Regular safety assessments
  • Rigorous job hazard analysis

For More Information

For more information about workplace injury prevention and education, contact Munson Healthcare Occupational Health and Medicine at one of our convenient office locations.