Neonatal Developmental Therapies


Neonatal Developmental Therapies

Munson Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is committed to providing holistic care, blending expert medical treatment with advanced therapies that address the developmental needs of our littlest patients. Many of our infants have been born early and require additional time to grow and develop. With this in mind, we incorporate evidence-based techniques that create a calm, womb-like environment.

Circadian Time Lighting

Lighting within our NICU is timed to match the 24-hour light-dark cycle, helping your infant establish regular rest-activity patterns that encourage neurologic and physical development.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has been proven to deepen infant sleep, stabilize breathing and heart rates, increase oxygen saturation, enhance bonding, soothe irritability, increase non-nutritive sucking, and increase weight gain.

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care is a form of developmental care that benefits all newborns, especially those who are in the NICU. Also known as skin-to-skin contact, kangaroo care involves direct contact when a newborn is placed on mom or dad’s bare chest. Your baby will find comfort in the sound of your heartbeat and voice as you gently hold, rock, and cuddle him or her. Even in the busy environment of the NICU, you can quietly bond and get to know one another.

Development Positioning Techniques

Our NICU team has been specially trained in positioning techniques that encourage normal growth and development in your infant.

Infant Massage

Infant massage may be available as an on-call service in our NICU. Infant massage is an evidence-based therapy that is shown to facilitate weight gain, reduce stress by lowering levels of cortisol, increase muscle tone, and improve rest-activity patterns.