Arthritis Pain? Manistee Hospital Staff Can Help

Arthritis Pain? Manistee Hospital Staff Can Help

Orthopedic surgeons, nurses, rehabilitation specialists available for care

Arthritis pain becomes more than a distraction for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

At Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital, a team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, and rehabilitation specialists are available to help area residents suffering with the disease live a more normal life through exercise, medication, and, if needed, surgery.

Rehabilitation services manager Esther Sigurdardottir, P.T., said osteoarthritis is brought on by overuse of a joint, trauma, and, for older residents, through joint cartilage degeneration that occurs with age. Rheumatoid arthritis hits one percent of the population and occurs when the immune system produces substances that attack the body, mainly the joints. Both bring swelling and pain.

Lifestyle changes such as weight loss and smoking cessation can be important for some arthritis sufferers as extra weight can contribute to arthritis pain and smoking creates stress on connective tissues leading to more arthritis pain.

Exercise can prove helpful in preventing stiffness and strengthening joints. Medication treatment begins with over-the-counter medications to control pain, and, if the condition is severe, physicians may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications.

In addition to exercise, physical therapy may prove helpful in holding off the need for surgery. Manistee Hospital's aqua therapy program can benefit arthritis sufferers. "The pool is at a therapeutic temperature, and exercising in the water allows for movement with less stress on the joints," Sigurdardottir said.

Different types of surgeries also can help arthritis sufferers – the most comprehensive being a total joint replacement.

“We do offer a specialized Joint Camp that helps people prepare physically and mentally for surgery,” she said. “We’ve had good results that have allowed people to return to more activity such as getting back on the golf course and pursuing their love for gardening.”

Orthopedic surgeons at Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital can offer knee replacement, hip replacement, and shoulder replacement surgery, as well as less intensive procedures. Individualized rehabilitation helps patients restore mobility and joint function.

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