LochenHeath’s Chip In Fore Munson Hospice Raises $152,000

LochenHeath’s Chip In Fore Munson Hospice Raises $152,000

The Eighth Annual Chip in Fore Hospice charity golf tournament for Munson Hospice presented by LochenHealth Golf Club and Schmuckal Oil Company raised more than $152,000 at its Sept. 21 event. 

Representatives of the golf club and oil company recently presented Munson Hospice with a check.

“This event continues to amaze and astound us with the generosity displayed from year to year,” said Desiree Worthington, president of Munson Healthcare Foundations. “We are so thankful for everyone’s amazing efforts and this event’s profound success.”

LochenHeath’s Barb Maitland, chairman of the event, and Schmuckal Oil Company President Paul Schmuckal, whose company is the lead sponsor, thanked everyone involved in the event from donors, to sponsors, to those who are preparing plans for next year.

“It’s an enormous amount of people that have contributed to make this happen,” Schmuckal said. “Munson Hospice is a special organization for end of life care.”

Chip in Fore Hospice is the largest single fundraiser for Munson Hospice, a not-for-profit organization committed to compassionate care regardless of a patient’s or family’s ability to pay. Munson Hospice serves approximately 700 people each year and an additional 1,200 use its bereavement services.

More information on Munson Hospice is available at munsonhomehealth.org/hospice.