MMR and North Flight EMS partner to enhance region’s emergency response

MMR and North Flight EMS partner to enhance region’s emergency response

New agreement merges operations to strengthen emergency services and patient transport.

Munson Healthcare and Mobile Medical Response, Inc. (MMR) announced today that they will enter into an equity partnership agreement to provide greater ground emergency medical services (EMS) to communities across northern Michigan.

MMR, a private, non-profit organization nationally and internationally accredited for ambulance service and medical dispatch, covers the largest geographic service area in Michigan including Elk Rapids and Milton and Whitewater Townships. Leveraging each organization’s resources and expertise will create a sustainable model for providing reliable and consistent patient transport and emergency medical services for our region into the future.

“Collaboration is essential to providing the highest level of care to patients in our rural communities,” said Ed Ness, president and CEO of Munson Healthcare. “MMR’s commitment to clinical excellence, patient satisfaction and investment in technology will help us enhance the continuum of care across northern Michigan.”

This agreement will merge the business operations of the two organizations in which most North Flight EMS staff will transition to employment of MMR. The partnership does not impact North Flight AeroMed, which is a joint venture between MHC and Spectrum Health. As an equity partner, Munson Healthcare will become part owner of MMR which includes one board seat and one seat on the finance committee. In the coming weeks, leaders from MMR, MHC and NorthFlight will continue to work together to implement a transition plan and an effective date in the next 30-60 days.

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Munson Healthcare in expanding our services to the residents of northern Michigan,” said Mark Thompson, MMR CEO. “We are committed to providing timely response, high quality care and a positive experience for patients and their loved ones.”

This partnership will also help in recruiting and retention of top talent in a challenging job market. By combining their respective recruitment and nationally accredited training programs, MMR and North Flight EMS will work collaboratively to attract the best and brightest. In addition, the new agreement will better facilitate the sharing of best practices and collaboration needed to address the challenges of emergency response and patient transport in a rural community.

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