Munson Healthcare Announces Winners in Voices for Youth Mental Health Art Contest

Munson Healthcare Announces Winners in Voices for Youth Mental Health Art Contest

Munson Healthcare is pleased to announce the winners in our Voices for Youth Mental Health Art Contest, created to reduce the stigma around talking about mental illness and to give Northern Michigan communities a platform to share their thoughts and feelings on the growing youth mental health crisis.

Over 100 artists from across northern Michigan, and a few out-of-state, participated in the second annual “Voices” contest submitting their art this Fall. The goal of the art contest centers on Munson’s commitment to help support youth across northern Michigan who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges.  The public then voted on the submissions, with more than 300 votes tallied.


The winners include:

Voices for Youth Mental Health CHILDREN (up to age 12)

  1. Clementine K. – Abstract Mind 
  1. Mimi W. – Peace 
  1. Blake D. – Unsteady 



Scarlett S - Happy Forgotton Birthday: A bouquet of paper flowers on the ground

YOUTH (ages 13-17)

  1. Scarlett S. – Happy Forgotten Birthday! 
  1. Katie R. – Emotion of the Eye: Some days Seem as if they Never End 
  1. Emily B. – I Was Never Young 



Allison C - The Girl in the Bottle: Digital image of a girl in a bottle

ADULTS (ages 18 and older)

  1. Allison C. – The Girl in the Bottle 
  1. Kristy K. – Young Mother 
  1. Angelina J. – A Silent, Solitary Battle 



Among the winners are are a family duo, mother, Kristy Kurjan, and her daughter Clementine.

“It was great to be able to do this together and I am so proud of Clementine for putting herself out there. Even if you cannot express yourself through words, art can allow you that outlet and it opened up the conversation about self-care and mental health between us,” said Kristy Kurjan, mom of Clementine and second place adult winner. “I was so impressed with the quality and depth of emotion that artists were able to convey through their work. The contest gave them an opportunity to recognize their talents and show that to the world.”

“I love art and it was fun to be part of the contest,” added Clementine, first place in the children’s category.

In addition to prizes, the winners’ pieces will be displayed in the new Grand Traverse Mental Wellness Center, set to open next year – a collaboration between Munson Healthcare, Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, Grand Traverse County, and other community partners. 

“Munson Healthcare congratulates all winners and participants for their incredibly brave and inspiring submissions,” said Megan Brown, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Munson Healthcare.  “Our healthcare system remains committed to taking action, through expanding mental health resources across our region, championing dialogue to help fight the stigma surrounding mental illness, and advocating for people of all ages who struggle with mental health.”  

To see all the incredible submissions in this year’s contest, take a pledge to support youth wellbeing, or to learn about mental health resources visit,