New Non-Surgical Rehab Program Launches in Cadillac

New Non-Surgical Rehab Program Launches in Cadillac

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation at Munson Healthcare will offer a new interdisciplinary spine evaluation and rehabilitation program for patients with acute or chronic back and neck pain starting June 7.

Mary Free Bed at Munson Healthcare - Cadillac Rehabilitation Director Christie Norman, P.T., said the program will be offered in Cadillac on Tuesdays.

“This program addresses pain as well as limitations in function,” Norman said. “It includes education, body mechanics, ergonomics, strengthening, range of motion and endurance exercises all tailored to the patient and his or her problems and limitations.”

Medical Director Vincent Prusick, M.D., will lead the program in Cadillac. He also practices at Mary Free Bed’s location inside Foster Family Community Health Center in Traverse City. Dr. Prusick characterizes the program as a collaboration between Mary Free Bed and Munson Healthcare that also offers access to interdisciplinary spine specialists. It will create an individual plan of care for each patient.

Cadillac represents the first spoke of the program with the Traverse City location as the hub. Patient appointments will be available each Tuesday. Patients with back or neck pain may get a referral from their primary care physician or in some cases may self-refer.

“If in the past they have had an established treatment for the problem, we would prefer they be referred so we have access to their history, studies, and previous prescribed treatments,” Dr. Prusick said. “This program can be for those who have been dealing with a back problem for a long time and they want a fresh opinion, or it can be for those who have just started to have back or neck issues.”

As a former orthopedic surgeon who specialized in spinal surgery, Dr. Prusick said the intent of the new program is to ensure that all the rehabilitation and non-operative solutions are exhausted before sending the patient for a surgical assessment.

Patients will be evaluated by Dr. Prusick with a comprehensive spinal exam as well as by a physical therapist who will create an individual therapy program. Other Mary Free Bed and Munson Healthcare specialties will be part of the patient’s care program as appropriate – including occupational therapy, physical medicine, pain medicine, and more.

Cadillac therapist Jerry Frappier, D.P.T., P.T., will lead the therapy portion of the program.

Norman said most insurances will be accepted.

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation at Munson Healthcare - Cadillac is located at 704 Oak St. in Cadillac. Appointments are scheduled through the Traverse City office at 231-935-8604.