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Labor, Delivery Services to Resume at Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital


Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital will welcome back expectant families to the Birthing Center on April 6 after a four month COVID-19 redeployment plan. In early December of 2020, Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital and Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital temporarily merged their labor and delivery services due to the impact of COVID-19.

“Throughout the pandemic Munson Healthcare infectious disease experts and hospital leaders have been preparing to resume labor and delivery services, and we are confident the time is right to welcome our healthcare team and expectant families back to Otsego Memorial Hospital,” said Tom Lemon, president and CEO of Otsego Memorial Hospital.

Women in labor prior to April 6 should continue to seek care at Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital.  Otsego Memorial Hospital’s Birthing Center will begin accepting patients in labor at 7 a.m. on April 6.  Otsego Memorial Birthing Center services include labor observation, maternal and fetal external and internal monitoring, breastfeeding consultation, infant circumcision, general nursing care and education, outpatient non-stress tests.  Birthing Center staff works in collaboration with obstetricians, pediatricians, and family practice physicians, as well as other physicians for consultative care to provide the optimal patient experience.

“Working together with the Munson Grayling Maternal and Newborn Center team has been a positive experience for our staff and our patients. The temporary merger provided an opportunity to work collaboratively and share best patient care practices with each other,” said Gayle Smith, manager of the Otsego Memorial Hospital Birthing Center. “The Otsego team is looking forward to coming home and welcoming expectant families to our birthing center.” 

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