Munson Healthcare Updates Visitation Policies


Munson Healthcare today announces revisions to its visitation policies as the continued COVID-19 surge brings added concerns for virus transmission and the need for patient and healthcare team safety.

Effective immediately, all inpatients, including those who have tested positive for COVID-19, will be allowed one visitor per day in the facility. The visitor will be limited to two hours.

“Our current COVID-19 patient numbers remain very high and our hospitals are seeing elevated numbers of other patients with acute needs,” said Munson Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Christine Nefcy, M.D., FAAP. “We know that our patients want to be with their loved ones during their time of need, but we also need to do what is necessary to protect our healthcare team, patients, and visitors. We ask for our communities’ patience during this time.”

Hospital staff will make every effort to help patients connect with their loved ones virtually, especially during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Exceptions to the two-hour rule for inpatients include:

  • Obstetric patients will be allowed one birthing partner or support person and one certified doula. Obstetric inpatients with a COVID-19 positive diagnosis are allowed one visitor, with appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Pediatric patients (21 years of age or younger) will be allowed two adult primary caregivers at a time (such as parents, foster parents, or guardians).
  • End-of-life patients will be allowed two visitors at a time. 

Some departments, patient populations, clinics and practices may require additional precautions or restrictions, patients and their families are encouraged to call ahead. 

Additionally, only essential vendors are allowed access to Munson Healthcare facilities.

All approved visitors will be required to wear a Munson Healthcare-issued mask. These masks ensure there is no variability in the protection provided for patients and staff. Additionally, visitors:

  • Will be required to answer questions about current health.
  • Will be required to provide their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes.
  • Must go directly to and from patient’s room or to and from their appointment.
  • Must wash hands or use alcohol sanitizer before and after leaving any rooms as well as the facility.

“When our COVID-19 positive rates start to decline, we will work quickly to loosen our visitation policies again,” Nefcy said. “We continue to encourage everyone to practice measures that will limit virus spread such as masking, handwashing, and social distancing. For those who remain unvaccinated, we urge you to get the vaccine to help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

For complete information on visitation policies, go to and click on the banner at the top of the page.