Getting to Know: Katryna Glettler, Munson Healthcare Medical Staff Office Lead | Munson Medical Center


What brought you to Munson Healthcare?
We moved Up North to be closer to Mom after my father passed away. It was a total quality of life move and career change after 20 years in New York City. Coming from a family of doctors and nurses, and with some nursing school years ago, Munson Medical Center (MMC) was the perfect opportunity.

What has living and working during a pandemic taught you?
Adaptability and creativity. We’ve all experienced a period of such unprecedented change and disruption and have been stretched further than we could ever have imagined. Going with the flow and being open to change and new ways of doing things helped tremendously in dealing with what we had no control over.

What do you love most about your work?
The pace and the people. While we will always have never-ending to-do list, I thrive on multi-tasking and troubleshooting. I am part of a fabulous team, both at MMC and systemwide. Although each day brings a host of challenges, we work through them together.

What do you think is most beneficial about the recent regionalization of the Medical Staff Office (MSO) role?
As the individual MSOs had already developed a solid framework of collaboration, the formalization of Munson Healthcare and the regionalization of MSO roles gave us an opportunity to build on that. We have made tremendous progress and accomplishments in efficiencies, process, and standardization. Although we can’t solve world peace, each day it feels like we come pretty darn close!

How would you describe the people of Munson Healthcare?
Committed. No matter what department, skillset, or role, or what crisis or circumstance they are dealt, everyone is passionate about what they do and remain committed to both our patients and their families, and each other.

What are you most passionate about outside of work?
My family and my dogs.

What might we be surprised to learn about you?
I hope to someday finish my draft of a murder mystery where the setting is inspired by all my summers spent on Glen Lake.

What is your favorite piece of advice to give friends and colleagues?
Each day is a gift. Take joy in the simple things, don’t sweat the small stuff, and look for the bright side in any situation.

In Brief
Joined MHC in: 2008
Years in healthcare: 14 years
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, New York University, N.Y.
Grew up in: All over the world as an Air Force brat
Married to: I was blessed to have had 21 years with John
Children: Stepdaughters Paige (31) and Andrea (28)
Fur Babies: Kiki and Kirby (13-year-old lab mix sisters)
Favorite pastimes: Reading, writing, road trips, and improving my DIY skills
Contact:, 231-935-5891