Affordable Care Act Marketplace Enrollment Underway


Certified application counselors are available at several Munson Healthcare facilities to help individuals enroll in the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance Marketplace for 2022 - 23.

The enrollment window began Nov. 1 and closes Jan. 15. Open enrollment remains important for anyone not covered by health insurance through their employer or other means. About 249,353 Michigan residents are enrolled in the Marketplace.

“At Munson Healthcare we believe it’s important for northern Michigan residents to have the resources that are available to them through health insurance,” said Ed Ness, president and CEO of Munson Healthcare. “Having access to primary care doctors promotes health and catches health problems in the early stages.”

Munson Healthcare offers certified application counselors as a resource to help the region’s residents enroll in the Marketplace for 2022/2023. Counselors are available in Cadillac, Gaylord, Grayling, Kalkaska, Manistee, and Traverse City.

Munson Healthcare’s Financial Counseling and Assistance Manager Julie Moore said there are certified application counselors available to review the various plans with individuals to assist in selecting a plan to best fit their needs.

“Whether people are seeking health care coverage for the first time or renewing their coverage, we have counselors qualified to assist,” Moore said. “We can also answer questions related to navigating the web site as well.”

People who do not meet the Jan 15 deadline will not be able to enroll for 2023, unless their circumstances change, and they meet specified criteria for enrollment outside of the enrollment window. 
More information is available at or

Following is a list of regional resource numbers for open enrollment assistance: 

Health Department of Northwest Michigan: 800-432-4121
Bellaire Family Health Center: 231-533-8649 Ext 617

Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital: 231-935-2860 or 800-336-3729
Missuakee County District Health Department #10: 231-839-7167

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital: 231-935-2860
Health Department of Northwest Michigan: 800-432-4121

Munson Medical Center: 231-935-2860

Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital: 231-935-2860
Health Department of Northwest Michigan: 800-432-4121

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital: 231-935-2860/800-336-3729 
Crawford County Health Department #10: 989-348-7800
District Health Department #10: 989-348-7800

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center: 231-935-2860
District Health Department #10: 231-258-8669

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital: 231-935-2860
District Health Department #10: 231-723-3595

Health Department of Northwest Michigan: 800-432-4121

Traverse City
Munson Medical Center: 231-935-2860
Traverse Health Clinic: 231-935-0799