Munson Healthcare Named in Nation’s 15 Top Health Systems


Fortune PINC Top 15 2023Munson Healthcare earlier this week was identified as one of the nation’s 15 Top Health Systemsaccording to an independent quality analysis based on a scorecard provided by PINC AI, the technology and services brand of Premier, Inc. and reported by Fortune.

PINC AI relies upon publicly available data to identify top health systems in the nation. Using a balanced variety of clinical, financial, operational, and patient experience measurements, hospitals are benchmarked, and the nation’s best performers are identified. The data analyzed for this year’s 15 Top Health Systems is from 2017-2022 and recognizes the top five systems in three size categories – large, medium, and small. Munson Healthcare is categorized as a medium health system encompassing Cadillac Hospital, Charlevoix Hospital, Grayling Hospital, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Munson Medical Center, Manistee Hospital, Otsego Memorial Hospital, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital.

“Being recognized as one of the nation’s 15 Top Health Systems is a testament to our Munson Healthcare team’s tireless efforts, outstanding patient care, and commitment to excellence,” expressed Ed Ness, Munson Healthcare President and CEO. “This exceptional team has positively impacted the lives of the communities we serve and is the heart of Munson Healthcare.”

Health systems do not apply nor can they opt in or out of this study. The primary purpose of the PINC AI 15 Top Health Systems objective study is to inspire hospital and health system leaders to pursue higher performance and deliver added value to their patients and communities.

The analysis found that the winners of the 15 Top Health Systemsprogram delivered better outcomes while operating more efficiently and at a lower cost. Inpatient mortality and healthcare associated infections for the top systems were 21% lower compared to non-winning hospitals. Hospital stays were also a half-day shorter which is very important to patient satisfaction.

“Health system leaders are continuously focused on quality, excellence and patient-centered care,” said Leigh Anderson, Premier’s Chief Operating Officer and the leader of PINC AI. “A selection as one of the 15 Top Health Systems is a great honor and demonstrates the importance of health system leadership and proven strategies for improvement. As one of the 15 Top Health Systems, Munson Healthcare has achieved high-quality healthcare and the implementation of key strategies that have directly led to significantly improved patient outcomes, with fewer readmissions and complications.”

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