VIDEO | Doing It All in Her Own Backyard


Like many northern Michigan residents, caring for her yard - a sprawling stretch of green in Falmouth, MI - was Maria Stephen's favorite pastime. But she could feel herself slowing down.

"I blamed it on my age," she said.

During a routine spring cleanup, however, Maria was suddenly struggling to catch her breath. A visit to her primary care doctor followed by some testing revealed that she had a damaged heart valve. Because she no longer drives on her own, Maria was thrilled to learn that Munson Healthcare’s award-winning heart team travels close to where she lives, so she didn’t need to venture far for much of her care. Even advanced procedures could be performed at Munson Healthcare’s regional referral center – Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.

After undergoing a minimally invasive valve replacement procedure, Maria was up and walking just five hours later. In three days’ time, she was back home, ready to take on her beloved yard again. And seeing her cardiologist for any routine check-ups is just a short ride away.

“It's been exciting to be able to be out and do that kind of stuff. The only thing that has slowed me down is the snow!” she said laughing.


Video courtesy of 9&10 News.


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