Manistee Medical Practices Temporary Locations

Several Manistee Hospital practices will be operating in temporary locations until November as remediation is completed on the Manistee Medical Offices Building. If you have questions about your care, call your provider office at their regular telephone number.
The Health Connection Fitness Center will remain closed until the building reopens.
Please note the following temporary clinic assignments: 
Manistee General Surgery, 231-398-1740
Aaron Bennett, DO & Vince Ulep, DO
Manistee Hospital, 2nd floor, 1465 E. Parkdale Ave.
Manistee Neurology, 231-398-1830
J. Christopher Buswinka, DO
Manistee Dermatology, 315 Oak Grove St.
Manistee Obstetrics & Gynecology, 231-398-1550
Stephanie Fitzgerald, DO, Marian Fuller, MD & Ronald Joanette, MD
Manistee Primary Care, 1400 E. Parkdale Ave. 
Manistee Orthopedics, 231-398-1735
Robert Barry, MD & Mark D'Angelo, DO
Manistee Hospital, 2nd floor, 1465 E. Parkdale Ave.
Manistee Pediatrics, 231-398-1710
Paul Gunderson, MD & Jennifer Reinink, MD
Manistee Family Care/Walk-In Clinic, 1391 E. Parkdale Ave.
Manistee Wound Care, 231-398-1780
Amy Kane, FNP, Tom Kane, FNP & Brian McComb, DO
Rehabilitation Department, lower level of Manistee Hospital, 1465 E. Parkdale Ave.