The Wood Shop at Munson Medical Center

Glen Gauld
Glen Gauld, Carpenter

The beauty and safety of our surroundings is a big part of providing the quality care our patients deserve. Thankfully, we have our very own construction team and wood shop that have been keeping this goal a reality for our patients and staff for 30 incredible years.

Our three carpenters manage anywhere from 400-600 projects per year. They’ve built a number of special structures to support our patients, including a portable kitchen island to help occupational therapy patients learn their way around the kitchen again. They also support larger-scale efforts, like the newly remodeled pharmacy over at Munson Community Health Center and our 100-bed Webber Heart Center.

Glen Gauld, who’s been a carpenter with us for over 20 years, says that he loves his work because it allows him and his team to bring ideas to life.

“I love my work. When we can help a vision become a reality, it gives us a great sense of pride and community knowing we can be a part of that vision for the end user—our patients and staff.”

It's not uncommon for Glen and his fellow carpenters to work non-business hours so their projects don’t interfere with patient care. We even have a “SWAT team” that allows our staff 24-hours to revamp a patient room so we can maintain a welcome atmosphere for our patients without affecting bed availability.

One project Glen is particularly proud of is an employee donor wall he and his team built and hung outside of Munson Medical Center’s cafeteria, which honors employees in Traverse City who have given to the Munson Healthcare Foundation in the current year.

“When we can provide better spaces and environments, people are happier in their workplace and patients are more satisfied with their stay. That’s why we exist— to serve our patients,” he shares.

Sample Wood Shop Projects

Display cases at Munson Medical Center:

Display cases at Munson Medical Center

iNDIGO Health Partners office:
iNDIGO Health Partners office

Shelving and displays at Munson Community Health Center Pharmacy:
Shelving and displays at Munson Community Health Center Pharmacy

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