Patient to Maternity Nurse: ‘I Will Never Forget, Never’

Patient to Maternity Nurse: ‘I Will Never Forget, Never’

Ashley Ascione-Blakely hugs Maternity nurse Abbey Carlisle after walking into room. Below, right,
Abbey listens as Ashley reads her DAISY Award nomination for her.

Munson Medical Center maternity nurse Abbey Carlisle, RN, recently stood with her team in the 7 am morning shift huddle.

In through the unit’s doors walked former patient Ashley Ascione-Blakely, her husband, Matt, and her son, Nolan, who was carrying a bouquet of colorful cut flowers. Other family members, as well as hospital leaders from nursing and other departments filed in behind them.

Tears started to flow. Ashley had come to honor the nurse who helped her through the tragic loss of her baby earlier this year and to present her with The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses – an award Ashley had nominated Abbey for following her care at the hospital.

“I will never forget the nurse that was by my side during the most difficult experience of my life,” Ashley read from her DAISY nomination for Abbey, as coworkers looked on and listened. “Her name was Abbey Carlisle and from the second she came into my room at 7 pm to work her night shift, I felt at ease … She walked me through things I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to consider and she most of all, thought about the needs of my beautiful baby boy who we all knew would not survive. Abbey was present. She was by my side the entire time, checking in and explaining everything. She helped create a peaceful environment when the world seemed so dark and most importantly, she cared for my son so compassionately after he was born, I will never forget what you did, never.”

Ashley’s nomination was one of 55 DAISY Award nominations. Abbey, a seven-year veteran of the Maternity unit, was chosen as the recipient of the national recognition established in 1999 by a Seattle, Wash. family who wanted to honor nurses who go above and beyond in providing care – the kind of care they witnessed at a Seattle facility as their son, Patrick, fought but eventually died of an auto immune disease.

“There are no words,” Abbey said of the award. “I know that my fellow nurses and I do the best that we can. To be recognized by a family who has been so impactful in my own life is precious.”

As a DAISY winner, Abbey received a DAISY certificate, pin, hand-carved serpentine stone statue entitled “Healer’s Touch” and a batch of cinnamon rolls to share with colleagues.

“Despite the traumatic events of my health and pregnancy, I find myself so blessed to walk away knowing people like Abbey are here and they genuinely care,” Ashley said. “Every move she made was with strong regard to dignity, respect, and sheer love. It takes a special kind of person to bear witness to a situation like mine, but her efforts went beyond anything I ever imagined, and I will forever be thankful.”