Back in the Conversation

It’s not always easy to admit when a part of our body has somehow slowed down or stopped working. But for Trish Fiebing, the decline in her hearing happened so slowly that she didn’t make the connection. All she knew was that she was missing out.

It started approximately ten years ago when the now...

VIDEO | Munson Medical Hearing Clinic Restores Hearing Loss

“It was amazing to me what I had missed all those years.”

Trish Fiebing struggled for years to be a full part of the conversation – until a surprise discovery made it clear why she had been missing out. 

It started approximately ten years ago when the now 76-year-old Traverse City resident was...

Tuned In: Hearing Clinic Offers Smart Phone Technology

One of every eight people in the nation experience some type of hearing loss.

Now technology allows those experiencing hearing issues to literally tune into what a speaker is saying or stream favorite songs to their hearing devices.

The audiology staff at the William and Leni Carls Hearing Clinic...

VIDEO I Mobile Hearing Clinic

Munson Medical Center's newest mobile hearing clinic is staffed by audiologists and technicians who travel throughout northern Michigan. They visit senior centers, schools, businesses, and community events to provide hearing tests and help people identify hearing problems.

Video courtesy of 7&4...