We are here for you and our care team is committed to providing you with safe, high-quality care.

Your illness or injury brought you to the Emergency Department today. We’re here for you.

No matter which Munson Healthcare facility begins your treatment today, you are part of an elaborate network of hospitals and ambulatory practices that are fully equipped to provide the expert level care you need.

Our hospital system includes Level II, III, and IV trauma centers staffed with surgeons, emergency medicine specialists, nursing, and support staff to respond to trauma patients who require life-sustaining, immediate care. Munson Healthcare is also home to one of Michigan’s busiest Primary Stroke Centers. Our team is prepared to care for your needs today and help connect you to additional resources should you require further treatment.

Do You Have Questions About Our Waiting Rooms?

Our care team is here to stabilize patients and send them to the next level of care. To better understand what happens in the Emergency department, take a look at these commonly asked questions.

What happens when I arrive?

A triage nurse assesses your illness/injury and determine if you will be placed in the waiting room or taken directly to a treatment room. Then the nurse will discuss your illness/injury with a provider. Tests may be ordered and completed either while you’re in the waiting room or a treatment room.

What if I start to feel worse while I’m waiting?

Please notify a member of our team immediately if there is a change in how you are feeling. We are happy to reassess you while you are waiting.

How long will I have to wait?

Wait times can be influenced by several factors:

  • How busy the Emergency Department is
  • The nature of your illness or injury and
  • The processing time of tests needed to determine your diagnosis or treatment

The Emergency Department may be busy, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Patients who arrive by ambulance are admitted through the back of the department and may arrive with conditions that need immediate care by multiple caregivers. Our emergency team will begin with the patients who require immediate life-saving intervention.

Please remember to alert a member of the care team if your symptoms change or worsen while you are waiting.

Visitor Amenities Available by Hospital

We work diligently to provide our patients and their visitors with services and features to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

Wi-Fi is available in all hospitals. See a member of the care team if you need assistance connecting

What to Expect in the Treatment Room

We are working diligently to assess, diagnose, stabilize, and treat all of our patients.

We know you’re not feeling well and we will do our very best to help you feel better. If your condition suddenly changes or you need assistance, please alert your care team by using the nurse call button.

When you're in the Treatment Room, here is what you might experience:

  • We will keep you informed about your care and welcome your questions.
  • Other patients arriving with life-threatening illnesses or injuries may affect our ability to care for you right away.
  • Depending on your condition, your nurse may start an IV, obtain blood or urine for further testing, or send you for an x-ray before seeing a provider. The tests ordered for you today may lead to additional wait times.
  • Your provider today may advise you to follow up with your primary care provider, see a specialist or be admitted to the hospital for further testing or observation.
  • Following the recommended treatment plan you receive today is essential to your best care and recovery.

If you need assistance finding a primary care provider or specialist, please call our Find-a-Doc hotline at 231-935-5886, (, or ask your care team for more information before leaving today.