The Munson Healthcare Bayshore Kids Marathon


Running Healthy, Smart and Safe with Waddles!

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The Munson Healthcare Bayshore Kids Marathon is back! Join us for a 1.2-mile Fun Run for kids grade K-5 on Saturday, May 28 at 1 pm. The Munson Healthcare Kids Marathon encourages kids to get outside and be healthy and active. Kids have the chance to “track” 25 miles of running, walking or hiking leading up to the completion of a 26.2-mile marathon (25 miles + 1.2 miles = Marathon!) We can’t wait to see you!

Munson Healthcare’s safety penguin, Waddles, is here to share some tips with kids (and their parents!) about how to prepare for the Fun Run and stay safe and healthy along the way. 

Start with the right equipment.

Your shoes should be meant for running! If you participate in other sports like soccer, tennis, baseball, or maybe have a stylish set of Converse, keep those shoes set aside for their respective sports and activities. You can find running shoe stores that will test and fit your feet for just the right pair of running shoes. The right pair of socks can also make a big difference. Whether you like them thin or thick, look for a pair made out of wool or synthetic materials like polyester or acrylic – these socks will wick away moisture, versus a pair made out of cotton. 

Northern Michigan weather always keeps us guessing, so make sure you prepare and dress for what’s going on outside. As it gets warmer out, wear layers you can remove when you start to heat up. 

Give your body the fuel it needs!

Getting enough nutrients will keep your muscles firing properly and aid in injury prevention. All food is fuel, but it’s important to know that some foods are better fuel options than others when it comes to running. 

“Carbs are the main source of fuel for our bodies, but carbs can come in many different forms,” said Allyson Schultz, PT, DPT, a physical therapist with Mary Free Bed at Munson Healthcare. “Slow burning carbs, which are foods like whole grain pasta and breads, brown rice, fruits and vegetables give our bodies better fuel than fast burning carbs, like candy bars, white bread, sugary cereals and desserts.”

Eating a small carb snack 30-60 minutes before your run can do wonders in keeping your body prepped and ready to roll. Here are a few suggestions for snacks to fuel your body:

  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices
  • Old fashioned oatmeal topped with strawberries
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Yogurt with fruit
  • Granola or energy bar

Your body also needs water, especially when you’re exercising. You should be drinking 1.5-2 cups of water before heading out on a run, and about a half cup every 30-45 minutes of activity. Hydrated muscles work the best!

Warm up. Cool down.

Most of the time, running can make your heart start pounding really fast in a short amount of time! This can be hard on the body. Before you take off in your running shoes, perform some drills to not only get your heart prepped, but your body as well. Some examples include high knees, butt kickers, grape vine, dynamic kicks and stretches, squats, and walking lunges.

Before you chase down your post run snack in the kitchen or hop in the shower, take 5-10 minutes to cool down.

“This means letting your heart rate come down with some walking and light stretches,” Allyson said. “Reach for those toes, stretch the front of your legs and let your breathing settle down.”

Keep safety in mind. 

Here are a few more tips from Waddles on how to stay safe when you run.

  • Make sure those shoelaces are tied!
  • Plan your running route ahead of time.
  • Run during daylight hours.
  • Always run with a buddy.
  • Stay on a sidewalk and watch for cars.
  • Always listen to your body! Don’t push yourself too hard or run with an injury.

Have fun.

Running is great way to stay healthy, enjoy the outdoors, set personal goals and spend time with friends and family!

Sign up now for the Munson Healthcare Bayshore Marathon and start tracking your 25 training miles with this handy log.

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Written with support from Mary Free Bed at Munson Healthcare, which has 19 outpatient locations (7 in the TC area including the West YMCA!) in Northern Michigan that provide the highest quality one-on-one physical therapy, as well as many other specialty outpatient rehabilitation programs for people of all ages. Visit to find an outpatient location near you!