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Be A Hero: Submit Encouraging Messages and Photos

Published on Apr. 10, 2020

Send Encouragement to Patients

Patients in our hospitals are not allowed to have many visitors, due to state-mandated visitor restrictions. These rules are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have our well wishes!

Submit an encouraging message below that will display across the system to help cheer up patients.

Encourage Patients >>

Notes of Appreciation and Encouragement for Healthcare Workers

Are you interested in sending a caring message to the healthcare team? Our medical professionals and support staff are working tirelessly to care for patients and to maintain a safe environment. These messages are communicated throughout the system and continuing to encourage our healthcare team while keeping patients safe.

Send Encouragement >>

Be A Hero: Snap A Pic at Home

Be a hometown hero and show our healthcare workers that you’re supporting them by staying home and taking measures to keep your family safe. 

Submit Your Encouragement and Photos Below