Secret Vaping Devices Kids and Teens are Using


Prevention Specialist Lisa Anderson of @upnorthprevention an initiative of Catholic Human Sources shares the “secret” vaping tools kids and teens in northern Michigan may be using. 

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a term used to describe the process of inhaling aerosol (popularly known as vapor) into the lungs. The vapor is created through an oil or “juice,” as it’s often referred to, that is filled with chemicals and toxic substances, including nicotine.

There are many types of vaping tools that are used to spray this liquid solution of chemicals and nicotine into the lungs. While you might have seen a more common form used among adults called e-cigarettes there are dozens of other vaping tools on the market. Many of the tools are intentionally designed to be small and easily hidden, whether inside of a pocket or even out in the open in the form of an everyday tool such as a highlighter.

The laws and regulations around vaping in Michigan are changing quickly. Stay updated about the latest vaping news in Michigan

Vaping and Kids: The Dangers

In many ways, the same tactics that were used to entice children to smoke in earlier decades (think Joe Camel, for example) are being used to sell vaping paraphernalia to kids today. How so?

  • The vaping tools are easily hidden inside pockets, purses and book bags – or even out in the open in the form of an everyday item, such as a highlighter. 
  • Vaping oil or juice comes in kid-friendly “flavors” such as candy, fruit, or dessert flavors. The oil is typically packaged in techware-looking cartridges or bottles labeled with colorful, bold designs.

Pineapple Syrup Vaping Juice

Watermelon Favored Vaping Juice

As you might imagine, the combination of these factors creates a kind of subculture that can be very appealing to curious children and teens. In fact, current statistics show that 27.5 percent – more than one in four teens  – are vaping, up 78 percent in the past year. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn about all the youth vaping facts and find resources to talk to your kids and teens about the dangers of vaping.

Common Types of Vaping Devices

Vaping devices come in many different forms and are designed so kids and teens can vape discreetly. Not knowing that your child or their friends are vaping is one of the biggest challenges. You can't address your kids about vaping if you don't know it's happening. Fortunately, we understand what's happening in the vaping industry and have examples of the latest devices marketed to our youth.

Vaping Resources for Kids and Teens

Munson Healthcare is here to connect you with vaping resources, whether you are ready to talk to your kids about vaping or need to help your teen quit vaping.

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