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Year of the Nurse: Still Inspired by Her Patients

Published on Oct. 07, 2020

Tara Sherrick, RN, in Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department recalls being impressed by her best friend’s mom as she grew up. That mom was a nurse.

“I always admired her and since then have had great respect for all health care professionals,” she said. At 23, Tara enrolled and later graduated from the Monroe County Community College’s nursing program.

OMH Staff are 'Resilient'

She has worked for a total of eight years in Gaylord, spending three years earlier in her career on a medical surgical unit and the past five in the Emergency Department.

“I would describe the nursing staff at OMH as resilient. The hospital has been through some big changes recently with construction, a merger, many policy changes, and now COVID-19,” she said. “All of these changes just highlight how dedicated the nursing staff at OMH are to providing the same excellent patient care to our community we always have, while being able to adapt and improve as necessary.”

Tara can recall several times during her career that have reminded her why she chose her profession.

“If I had to pick just one, I’d have to say it’s the kind touch of a patient’s hand that speaks a word of thanks,” she said. “It’s when you meet their eyes and you just know that your actions have truly helped them and that they genuinely appreciate it. These moments touch my heart and inspire me to be the best nurse I can be.”

Year of the Nurse

The WHO Year of the Nurse in 2020 is something that excites Tara, because she sees it as an opportunity for the nursing profession to shine around the world.

“We as nurses are givers by nature and seldom stop to recognize the gravity of our contributions to health care. In light of current the situation, I feel like 2020 The Year of the Nurse, has really placed a much needed spotlight on nursing,” she said. “I see how it has inspired us as a community to appreciate and support our nurses, especially during the COVID pandemic. As a nurse, I know I speak for all nurses when I say thank you everyone for the much needed support and love.”