New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for Northern Michigan

COVID-19 is top of mind for many as it is currently sweeping the globe. We want to assure you that as northern Michigan’s largest healthcare provider, our focus is the safety of our healthcare team, patients, and communities. COVID-19 is no exception to that commitment. We are fully prepared across our Munson Healthcare hospitals and facilities to address COVID-19 as well as any additional health needs that come our way.

We are honored to be your trusted healthcare partner.

President of Munson Healthcare: "Safety is our top priority." Watch all videos >>

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Munson Healthcare COVID-19 Tracker

These numbers are updated daily with the most recent and accurate reporting available. We hope this information, which reflects patients tested at Munson Healthcare hospitals only, will be helpful to you in understanding the impact of this pandemic on our communities.

We also would like you to be aware that these numbers do not reflect the current number of people with COVID-19 in your community. This is due to the amount of time required to obtain test results. In addition, many have still not been tested and COVID-19 is spreading in northern Michigan, even among people with no known history of exposure or travel to places where the disease is prevalent. We encourage you to stay home, unless you are an essential worker, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Last updated Apr. 6, 2020, 12:00 pm

  Total patients tested Patients who have tested positive Patients who have tested negative Patients with pending test results Patients tested positive and currently in the hospital
Total for Munson Healthcare 928 93 674 161 9
Cadillac Hospital 158 7 137 14 2
Charlevoix Hospital 61 4 32 25 0
Grayling Hospital 97 11 64 22 1
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center 91 7 53 31 0
Manistee Hospital 48 6 35 7 0
Munson Medical Center 329 26 257 46 6
Otsego Memorial Hospital 125 30 79 16 0
Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital 19 2 17 0 0
Total COVID-19 deaths at a Munson Healthcare hospital    7

Data in the table above reflects only those cases in which care was provided at a Munson Healthcare entity, and as a result, may vary from data published by the State of Michigan.

For More Information

We will continue to provide regular updates on our website and you can also follow our hospitals on Facebook for the latest news. For even more resources, visit:

If you have general health-related questions about COVID-19, call 231-935-0951 to access our Munson Healthcare information line. You can also call the State of Michigan new coronavirus (COVID-19) hotline at 1-888-535-6136.