Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Leadership

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center's Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team are committed to providing the best possible health care for our community. These individuals come from various walks of life but work with a single purpose - ensuring Kalkaska Memorial Health Center fulfills our mission and vision with excellent care.

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Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Board of Trustees

Effective February 1, 2018

Bear Lake Township Representative 
George Banker

Blue Lake Township Representative 
Dean McCulloch - Vice Chair*

Boardman Township Representative 
Gerald Gaultier* 

Clearwater Township Representative 
Marianne Ewald 

Coldsprings Township Representative 
Raymond Hoffman 

Excelsior Township Representative 
Bethel Larabee

Garfield Township Representative 
Jerry Cannon*

Kalkaska Township Representative 
Allen Dimon 

Oliver Township Representative 
Sonja Dunham 

Orange Township Representative 
Eric Hendricks 

Rapid River Township Representative 
Open Position  

Springfield Township Representative 
Carl Ingersoll 

Village of Kalkaska 
Dan Johnson - Board Chair*


Members at Large (Term)

Richard Hodgman, MD (2/1/16 - 1/31/20)

Jeremy Holmes, DO (2/1/18-1/31/22) 

Jeffrey Lavender (2/1/15 - 1/31/19)

Michael Perreault (2/1/15 - 1/31/19)

Kathy Ryckman Secretary/Treasurer* (2/1/18-1/31/22)

Bruce Zenner (2/1/17 - 1/31/21)


*Executive Committee Members

**One Member at Large open position


Kevin Rogols

Kevin Rogols

Kim Babcock

Connie Farrier
Administrative Director, Support Services

Andrew Raymond

Andrew Raymond
Administrative Director, Chief Financial Officer

Laura Zingg

Laura Zingg
Administrative Director, Assisted Living, Marketing and Outreach 

Christine Bissonette

Christine Bissonette
Service Line Director, Emergency and Acute Care

Daniel Conklin

Daniel Conklin
Service Line Director, Ambulatory Services

Renee Cunningham

Renee Cunningham
Service Line Director, Nursing

Danielle Hamernik

Danielle Hamernik
Service Line Director, Surgical Services

Danielle Hamernik

Danielle Hamernik
Service Line Director, Surgical Services

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith
Executive Assistant