Construction Update

In September 2017, Manistee Hospital broke ground on the construction of a 44,000 square foot Community Health Center at its Parkdale campus. The $13 million project will help improve the hospital’s ability to deliver quality care to patients. Completion is expected in late fall 2018.

The new building will house several specialty clinics, including general surgery, orthopedics, neurology, and urology. This additional clinical space will improve patient flow and offer our physician network room to grow.

The physical, occupational, and speech therapy services currently located in the lower level of the hospital will relocate to the new building, as will cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. The new space will be much easier for our patients to access and will allow the installation of additional treatment options.

The hospital’s full-service fitness center, Manistee Health Connection, will move out of the lower level of the Manistee Medical Offices to bright new space in the Community Health Center. We’ll also be updating the exercise equipment.

Read the latest construction update for more details.

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