The Next Chapter: Family Birth and Children's Center


A Hub of Family-Oriented Care

Once complete, the $36.8 million Family Birth and Children’s Center will serve all of northern Michigan — replacing an aging facility with outdated specialty units for maternity, neonatal intensive care, and pediatric care.

The new Family Birth and Children’s Center will serve as a hub of family-oriented, team-delivered care. Here’s what it will include:

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

A new 15,750-square-foot Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), providing space and technology required for the advanced care that our babies and their families need in a setting that promotes privacy and comfort. Last year, 330 critically ill infants were cared for in the Munson Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Ours is the only NICU north of Grand Rapids.

Maternity Unit

A 33,000-square-foot Maternity Unit to meet the needs of northern Michigan families as they experience one of life’s greatest events — the birth of their child. Patients in our Maternity Unit typically give high marks to the care they receive, but note that the facility is outdated and too small to meet today’s needs. About 2,000 babies are born at Munson Medical Center each year.

Pediatrics Unit

A family-centered approach to care will be at the center of our new, child-friendly 11,200-square-foot Pediatrics Unit. Munson Medical Center provides “intermediate pediatric care,” meaning a higher level of care than a community hospital, but short of the intensive care provided at a children’s hospital. We most often treat children who are hospitalized with respiratory disease, trauma, ingestion, infection, or childhood illness. Munson Medical Center does not have a dedicated Pediatrics Unit. Hospitalized children are cared for on a unit that also cares for adults recovering from surgery. Munson Medical Center is becoming a regional center for pediatric care in northern Michigan as the number of pediatric patients and the level of care being offered is increasing. 

Stories from People Born at Munson Medical Center

Betsy Hardy

"When Sophie was born, we learned first-hand what it was like to have a baby in NICU. We didn't know what each new day would bring with Sophie, but the people were so amazing. They were skilled and they were a compassionate team of doctors and nurses and social workers who gave us the absolute best care we could have received."

—Betsy Hardy

Jon and Heidi Plummer

"Hospitals are so vital to any community. The quality of care that Munson Medical Center provides is excellent. There's so much compassion."

—Heidi Plummer

Mary Kay Archer

"The support at Munson Medical Center was beyond my expectations and something we will never ever forget. Having Munson Medical Center close to us in proximity, as well as in our hearts, gives us the security of where we live, play, and work."

—Mary Kay Archer

How You Can Help

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