Homemade Face Mask Acceptance Policy

Universal Masking means that all employees and providers must wear a Munson Healthcare issued surgical mask while in a Munson Healthcare patient care facility. The only exception will be healthcare professionals wearing N95 respirators while providing care for presumed COVID-19 or known COVID-19 positive patients. Patients and visitors may wear a Munson Healthcare issued mask, hand-sewn or purchased masks as long as they are clean and not torn.

There have been many questions regarding hand-sewn masks including what is being accepted, material shortages, and sanitation procedures. At this time, Munson Healthcare is accepting donations of any style, pattern, or design. Ensuring fabric is tightly-woven, breathable and can be secured appropriately to the face is most important. We do request that all hand-sewn items be latex free. To ensure all hand-sewn items are properly laundered and sorted prior to distribution, all items must be dropped off at a designated drop-off location. Hand sewn items should not be delivered directly to healthcare team members. Please do not drop off items at the Foundation office, emergency departments, hospitals, clinics, etc.

For community assistance and to help expedite production, CS Sewing of Traverse City is working on options to provide fabric kits for their specific mask pattern if you need materials, etc. They will be available to answer questions regarding their specific pattern only. Hand sewn masks may also be dropped off at CS Sewing at 1425 W. South Airport Rd, Suite D in Traverse City.

Please review the following guidelines to keep our patients and visitors safe:

  • Munson Healthcare will accept any style, pattern, or design of hand-sewn face masks. We are gladly accepting all donations of hand-sewn masks.
  • All hand-sewn items must be latex free.
  • In order to accommodate fabric shrinkage, please consider increasing your pattern size by at least 30% or wash fabric in hot water prior to sewing. 
  • Both elastic bands and tie style masks will be accepted.
  • Please try to ensure fabric is tight-knit or tightly-woven, breathable, and water-repellent. This includes fabric such as operating room linens, or cotton fabric. 
  • Items do not need to be placed in any packaging.
  • Hand-sewn face masks must be donated to one of our drop off locations designated below and should not be delivered directly to healthcare team members. Please do not drop off items at the Foundation office, emergency departments, hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • All hand-sewn face masks must be inspected and properly laundered through the Munson Healthcare laundry facility before use.
  • Since thousands of items will be laundered together, there will be no way to sort or separate these items for distribution, i.e. we cannot guarantee that donated items will go to a particular location.
  • Do not make face masks if you are ill.
  • Supplies should be new or unused.

Resources for hand-sewn face masks

We are extremely grateful for the support of the seamstresses in our communities, and, perhaps now more than ever, we need your help to bring more hand-sewn masks to Munson Healthcare facilities. Your donation of homemade items will help ensure the safety of those entering the hospital during this unprecedented time.

Pediatric patterns: 

If you have questions regarding homemade masks, please reach out to the Munson Healthcare Foundations by phone at 231-213-1150 or email at foundation@mhc.net. Please know we are receiving a high-volume of inquiries regarding masks and response time may be delayed. Thank you for your patience.

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