Ethics Committee

Medical issues sometimes arise that create confusion and uncertainty for patients, their families, and medical staff. Everyone wants to do the right thing – but in some cases, the moral and ethical decision is not always clear.

The Bioethics Resource Committee is a joint committee of the medical staff and administration of Munson Medical Center. The committee is composed of clergy, community representatives, nurses, and physicians. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of medical ethical decisions as they relate to patient care at all Munson Healthcare entities, and to ensure the ethical integrity of the structures that support patient care.

The committee is guided by the philosophy that the dignity and rights of each person must be protected and promoted with utmost care throughout life and death. Additionally, Munson Healthcare's mission and values must guide the decisions of the entire organization.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Provide consultation about ethical issues in individual cases, and on other issues which could affect patient care.
  • Provide support for professionals and families who confront ethical dilemmas associated with patient care.
  • Assist in the development of recommendations for institutional policy, and review selected policies for their ethical implications.
  • Be accessible to patients and their advocates and/or families, employees and medical staff of Munson Healthcare, and the general public.

Ethics Consult Service

If you need help making a difficult medical decision, a member of the Ethics Consult Service can help. The ethics consultant will help you weigh the benefits and burdens of proposed treatment options, as well as assist with a Bioethics Committee meeting if that is desired. Ask your nurse for assistance or call the hospital switchboard at 231-935-5000 or “0” from a hospital phone and ask for the ethics consultant on call. Ethics consultations are available Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm, excluding holidays.

Contact the Bioethics Resource Committee

To contact the Bioethics Resource Committee or for more information about the ethical basis on which Munson Medical Center rests, please complete the form below. (Note: Do not use this form for requesting an ethics consult or stating concern regarding an ethical issue. For these services, please call 231-935-5000 and ask to have the on-call ethics consultant paged.)

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