Vendor Information for Munson Medical Center


Information for Vendors Visiting Munson Medical Center

Munson Medical Center welcomes vendors from around the region, nation, and the world to our campus. Please use the information below to ensure your visit is smooth and complies with all Munson Medical Center policies. 

Vendor Parking

All vendors must park their vehicles in Lot J, the designated vendor parking lot and enter the medical center through the Receiving Dock at the rear of the facility. Vendors may not park in other parking areas reserved for patients, visitors, or staff. 

Download the Vendor Parking Map (PDF).  

Entering the Hospital

All vendors are required to enter the medical center through the Receiving Dock at the rear of the facility and check in at the Loss Prevention Services office. Vendors also must receive and wear an identification badge, and comply with the Munson Medical Center Vendor Visitation Policy and Procedure before receiving access to the medical center to do business. After check-in, vendors must continue into the main building from the Receiving Dock rather than going back outside to another entry door. 

Items a vendor wishes to bring in to the facility may be dropped off at Loss Prevention Services, located on the Receiving dock prior to parking. Access is available to the Receiving Dock 24/7. To enter the building after normal hours of operation, vendors can use the phone located outside of the Receiving Dock entrance door or their cell phone to contact Security Dispatch at 5-6700 or 231-935-6700.

Vendor Registration and Login 

All vendors must be REPtrax members. Vendors may register for our vendor program online prior to arrival or on site on the day of their visit. New members must select the correct user type to ensure appropriate credentials. Please contact Loss Prevention at 231-935-7330 with any questions.

  • Base Membership: The free REPtrax Base Membership is for any vendor that calls on the hospital. It provides the ability to sign in and sign out of the hospital through the REPtrax kiosk, upload a picture and basic contact information, and be in constant communication with the hospital as it relates to vendor policies.
  • Premium Membership: The REPtrax Premium Membership, which has an annual fee, is for vendors who need specific credentials and primary documentation relating to vaccination history, product/service training and competency, employer's liability (insurance) and/or background checks. These requirements are for vendors accessing the Operating Room and/or invasive labs.

Vendor Appointments

All vendors are required to schedule appointments and/or have specific documentation/work orders for visiting any Munson Medical Center area. Appointments and work orders should be scheduled during normal daytime business hours. Unannounced solicitation and/or visits are not permitted.

Tobacco and Fragrances

Smoking and/or use of any tobacco product or electronic cigarettes is not permitted on the Munson Medical Campus, including all parking areas and sidewalks. Because of allergic sensitivity of patients and staff, scented products may not be worn in Munson Medical Center.

View complete details in our Vendor Visitation Policy and Procedure (PDF).