Munson Medical Center's Leadership

Munson Medical Center’s Board of Trustees and members of the hospital’s senior leadership team work together toward a single purpose - ensuring the hospital delivers the best possible care for our community.

Munson Medical Center Board of Trustees

Effective January 1, 2021

Jay Hook, Chair
Dan Navin, M.D., Vice Chair
Doug Luciani, Secretary/Treasurer
Matt Wille, President and CEO, Munson Medical Center

Kyle Carr, M.D.
Catherine Collins
Dan Edson
Scott Groseclose, M.D.
Chuck Havill
Barbara Matthews
Doug McKay, M.D.
Ed Ness, President & CEO, Munson Healthcare
Walt Noble, M.D.
Bob Schafer
Sue Unger
Jill Vollbrecht, M.D

Munson Medical Center Foundation Board of Trustees

Kyle Carr, Chair
Linda Proffitt, Vice Chair

Lorraine Beers
Matt Classens
Kathy Dixon
David Gordon
Ray Ludwa
Jamie Marsh
Virginia Mouch
Kimberly Purdy
Alice Shirley
William Small
Margaret Tipsword
Dave Tupper
Matthew Wille, President & CEO, Munson Medical Center
Debra Henderson, President, Munson Healthcare Foundations

Senior Leadership Team

Matt Wille – President, Munson Medical Center
Tracy Cleveland – Vice President, Supply Chain
Kathy LaRaia – Vice President, Oncology and Professional Services
Brian Lawson – Regional Manager Marketing & Corporate Communications
Lona Litson - Director of Human Resources, Munson Medical Center
Walt Noble, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer
Tamara Putney – Chief Nursing Officer
Robert Richardson – Vice President of Support Services
Leslie Zwagerman – Director of Regional Finance
Kaleb Foss – Manager, Continuous Improvement