Munson Medical Center's Leadership

Munson Medical Center’s Board of Trustees and members of the hospital’s senior leadership team work together toward a single purpose - ensuring the hospital delivers the best possible care for our community.

Munson Medical Center Board of Trustees

Effective January 1, 2018

Pat Heintz, Chair
Jay Hook, Vice Chair
Dan Navin, MD, Secretary
Bob Schafer, Treasurer
Al Pilong, President, Munson Medical Center

Catherine Collins
Dan Edson
Chuck Havill
Brian Kiessling, MD
Doug Luciani
Barbara Matthews
Douglas McKay, MD
Tim Nelson 
Ed Ness, President & CEO, Munson Healthcare 
Walt Noble, MD
Sue Unger
Jill Vollbrecht, MD
David Wright, MD 

Senior Leadership Team

Al Pilong

Al Pilong
President, Munson Medical Center; Chief Operating Officer, Munson Healthcare

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Loraine Frank-Lightfoot

Loraine Frank-Lightfoot
Vice President, Patient Care Services
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Alicia Maitland

Alicia Maitland
Corporate Controller and
Vice President, Finance

Derk Pronger

Derk Pronger
Chief Operating Officer
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Derk Pronger

Kelley Whittington-Geppert
System Director, Human Resources