Munson Medical Center Facility Updates

New surgical services suite at Munson Medical Center
Coming soon: Surgical Services expansion at Munson Medical Center.

Construction beginning summer 2019 will lead to four new operating rooms, an upgrade of two existing rooms, the purchase of a new da Vinci Surgical System, and construction of a new central processing unit and waiting rooms.

This project is expected to be completed in 2021.

The first step will be to shift Sixth Street to the north, beginning in spring 2019. This prepares the hospital for the Surgical Services project starting this summer as well as the remainder of the northern expansion in future years.

Road Closures and Parking Information

Construction projects this summer will affect traffic flow around our campus starting Monday, April 15. Learn about current construction and the best way to navigate our campus. Work on construction projects around Munson Medical Center continue on schedule with a traffic shift north to the new street in front of the Cowell Family Cancer Center expected on Friday, June 14, 2019. Learn more about the new street here.

Why Surgical Services Needs to Expand

Munson Medical Center’s 17 operating rooms are near capacity. We are committed to delivering the right care at the right time. This includes providing surgical services in a timely manner. Full operating rooms can cause longer wait times for patients and delay care.

Additionally, the lack of adequate operating room space means recruiting surgeons and physicians is more difficult. As a rural hospital, it is critical that we update our facilities to provide the best patient care and remain competitive in recruiting outstanding health care professionals.

Learn More About Munson Medical Center’s Northern Expansion

To better serve our patients in the coming years, we will also upgrade facilities for women and children and create more private rooms for patients. Visit Munson Healthcare Foundations to learn more about the project and how you can help us write the next chapter.