Patient Portal

Having easy access to your personal health records is important. Patient portals give you a secure way to view, download, and transmit your medical information to help you better manage your health. You may sign up for portals from your doctor’s office(s) and your local hospital.

Your patient portal offers convenient, personalized, and secure online access to your health records, including:

  • A history of imaging, laboratory, and pathology test results, as well as procedures performed.
  • A list of current allergies, immunizations, medications and health issues.
  • Your latest vital signs, including blood pressure.

On your hospital portal, you also may be able to see:

  • A summary of your hospital visit, including reason for hospitalization.
  • Discharge instructions and patient education to help you better manage your own care after you leave the hospital.

Hospital Portals

Select your hospital to access health records relating to an emergency room visit, surgery, hospital stay, or results from an imaging or lab test conducted at the hospital.