Visitation Restrictions for Munson Healthcare Facilities

The following policy applies to Munson Healthcare hospitals and each hospital’s associated entities.

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Inpatient Visitation Policy (Effective March 21, 2022):

COVID-19 continues to be an evolving situation in our communities and we are constantly re-evaluating our visitation policy to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, and healthcare team.

  • All inpatients are allowed two visitors at a time.
  • All visitors of COVID-19 inpatients must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), provided by MHC, for the duration of each visit. See additional visitation allowances below.
  • All visitors must be 18 years of age or older, with limited exceptions.
  • Inpatient waiting rooms may be open to visitors as long as safety protocols can be maintained. Visitors may be asked to wait outside or in their vehicle.

See below for specific policies based on hospital location:

Emergency Department Patients

Emergency Department patients may be accompanied by one visitor/support person, with the exception of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed a visitor/support person in the ED unless necessary for patient safety. This includes patients with physical impairments; developmental, cognitive, behavioral disabilities; or hearing impairments or language barriers.

Surgical/Procedural Patients

Surgical/procedural patients may be accompanied by one visitor/support person.

Inpatient Visitation Policy Exceptions

1. Obstetrics Patients

Two visitors at a time (it is strongly preferred that one visitor be the same person for the duration of their inpatient stay) and one certified doula. A certified doula must leave immediately following the recovery period. The support persons are not dependent on vaccination status.

2. Pediatric Patients (21 years of age or younger)

May have two adult primary caregivers at a time (such as parents, foster parents or guardians). It is strongly preferred that the caregivers are the same for the duration of their inpatient stay. If a NICU patient is a multiple and their sibling (twin, triplet, etc.) is not a NICU patient, the multiple sibling may visit with the primary caregivers. No other siblings under 18 years may visit pediatric patients. The caregivers are not dependent on vaccination status.

3. End of Life Circumstances
  • Two visitors at a time, regardless of vaccination status.  
  • Visitors for patients at end of life may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, including those under the age of 18.
  • Visitors for patients with a COVID-19 positive diagnosis who are at this stage must wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
4. Overnight Stays

Limited to obstetrics, pediatrics, and extenuating circumstances approved by the care team.

5. Individuals Providing Spiritual Care, Legal or Governmental Functions

One spiritual advisor of a patient’s choosing is allowed one visit. Personnel from law enforcement, adult protective services, interpreters, and other such groups are allowed one at a time.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Clinics/Practices Visitation Policy for Patients

  • All outpatients (ambulatory) are allowed one visitor for the duration of their clinic stay.
  • All ambulatory clinics and practice waiting rooms may be open to visitors as long as safety protocols can be maintained. Visitors may be directed to wait outside or in their vehicle.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Clinics/Practices Visitation Policy Exceptions

  • Pediatric patients may be accompanied by two adult primary caregivers at a time (such as parents, foster parents, or guardians) plus siblings.
  • Some departments, patient populations, clinics and practices require additional precautions or restrictions, so please call ahead.

See below, in “Restrictions for Other Munson Healthcare Services” for our visitor policy for Munson Healthcare’s long term care facilities and dialysis services.

Cafeteria Policy Across Munson Healthcare

Cafeterias may be open to the public as long as safety protocols can be maintained.

Waiting Room Policy Across Munson Healthcare

Inpatient Waiting Rooms

Inpatient waiting rooms may be open to visitors as long as safety protocols can be maintained. Visitors may be directed to wait outside or in their vehicle.

Ambulatory Clinics & Practice Waiting Rooms

All ambulatory clinics and practice waiting rooms may be open to visitors as long as safety protocols can be maintained. Visitors may be directed to wait outside or in their vehicle.

Emergency Rooms and Surgical/Procedural Areas

One visitor per patient is allowed to wait with a patient in waiting rooms for Emergency Departments (with COVID-19 exceptions) and Surgical/Procedural areas.

Visitor Health Screenings When Entering Munson Healthcare Facilities

Munson Healthcare has shifted to a self-screening process for patients and visitors entering our facilities. Patients and visitors coming to our facilities will be taken through a series of checkpoints, with the use of instructional signage, to complete the masking, hand-sanitizing, and health-screening process. For the safety of everyone, we ask that our patients and visitors read these signs carefully upon entering and follow all posted instructions.

People accompanying a patient should be in good health; if a companion is feeling ill or sick, they will not be able to enter the facility unless they are seeking treatment.

We know that being with loved ones during a health crisis is an important part of our patients’ healing process. If you are unable to visit your loved one in person, there are a variety of other ways you might consider connecting with them. These may include telephone, email, text, or video technology.

If you are allowed entry as a visitor:

  • You must wear a mask.
  • You must wash hands or use alcohol sanitizer before and after leaving any rooms as well as the Munson Healthcare facility.  

Munson Healthcare Masking Policy

Our Universal Masking Policy requires everyone who enters our facilities to wear a mask for the entirety of their visit. We are continuing to follow the CDC recommendations for masking in healthcare settings.  

  • Be prepared to wear a Munson Healthcare-issued mask if your mask does not offer the appropriate level of protection.
  • Cloth masks, valve masks, and gaiters are not allowed.
  • Personal masks may be worn over or under the Munson Healthcare mask.
  • Upon entering a Munson Healthcare facility, sanitize your hands before putting on your mask.
  • Wear the mask at all times during your visit except when eating or drinking. When taking your mask off to eat or drink, sanitize your hands. When you are done eating, sanitize your hands, put the mask back on your face, and sanitize your hands again.
  • Do not wear your mask around your neck or pull it under your chin at any time, including while eating or drinking.

Restrictions for Other Munson Healthcare Services

Munson Healthcare Long Term Care Facilities

Our long term care visitation policy is in accordance with the March 10, 2021 CMS Guidelines

Visitation Restriction: New Residents May Need to Quarantine

Depending on vaccination status and COVID-19 contact history, new long term care residents who have not received the vaccine and a booster shot may have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival at a long term care facility. If you wish to visit during this time you will be required to wear the appropriate PPE.

Visitation Requirements
  • Answer health screening questions before admittance.
  • Wear a facility-provided mask, follow hand-hygiene requirements, practice social distancing, and adhere to the facility’s personal protective equipment requirements.
Important Visitation Tips
  • Each facility is different and may have additional restrictions in place to comply with CMS guidelines, please call ahead if you have questions.
  • Outdoor visits are always welcome.
  • Please call ahead if there are more than three visitors in a group to ensure proper accommodations.
  • Visitation restrictions could change on a daily basis depending on the facility’s COVID-19 cases/exposures and county positivity rates so it’s very important to call ahead — before a planned visit.
Contact Long Term Care Facilities
  • Kalkaska Memorial Long Term Care/Eden Center: 231-258-7530
  • McReynolds Hall (Otsego): 989-731-7838
  • Crawford Continuing Care Center (Grayling): 989-348-0317
  • Paul Oliver Living and Rehabilitation (Frankfort): 231-352-2208

Munson Healthcare and Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Dialysis Centers

We appreciate everyone’s effort to reduce to risk of exposure to our vulnerable population. Individual patients requiring a sitter will be addressed on a per patient basis, approved by our Medical Director.

  • No visitors will be allowed to stay with patients to reduce exposure to COVID-19 to our vulnerable population.

  • If you are bringing a patient to their appointment, you will be allowed to bring the patient into the building as long as you are free of symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath), along with risk factors associated with COVID-19.

  • Once the patient is seated in the waiting area, you will need to exit the building. Prior to leaving, make sure you have the facility number to call as needed to check on your individual patient.

Vendor Partner Visit Restrictions

As part of our business, we host or interact with many vendor partners daily. To ensure the safety of our patients, colleagues and valued partners, we have implemented new vendor guidelines, effective Mar. 18, 2020. Read more.