Hearing Aids


Customized Hearing Aids for You

Hearing aids vary in size, power, and circuitry to cover a wide range of hearing losses. No two hearing aids are quite the same. Munson Healthcare audiologists are skilled in fitting you with exactly the right hearing aid to meet your needs.

They will help you select either in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids. Whichever style works best for you will be custom made and fitted from an impression of your ear.

All Munson Healthcare audiologists hold master's or doctorate degrees in audiology from accredited universities. Each audiologist has completed extensive training in evaluating hearing loss and fitting the latest technology in hearing aids.

One Aid or Two?

People often wonder whether they need to purchase two hearing aids when one might suffice. It is generally recommended for those with hearing loss in both ears to use two hearing aids. Research shows this results in a more balanced and comfortable feeling, as well as better understanding with sound coming from both sides. There are always a few exceptions to this general rule, and your audiologist would be happy to discuss your options with you.

The Right Hearing Aid for You

There are many hearing aid manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a variety of hearing aid models to fit all types of hearing loss. Munson Healthcare's expert audiologists will help you select the most appropriate hearing aid for your needs according to your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Types

  • Behind the ear  
  • Open fit behind the ear     
  • In the ear     
  • In the canal       
  • Completely in the canal
  • Digital hearing aids
    • A digital hearing aid uses a microphone, battery, receiver, and computer chip to receive, process, and deliver amplified sound into the ear canal. Advances in technology have allowed for more features and flexibility in hearing aids. Digital technology allows the audiologist to adjust hearing aids effectively to meet the individual's hearing loss needs.
    • Features include multiple programs for different listening situations (quiet, noisy, music, groups, etc.), noise cancellation (which can reduce the amplification of continuous noise), and directional microphones (which reduces noise from behind you when activated). Due to these advances in digital technology, this type of circuitry has become the industry and clinical standard.

Behind the Ear

Behind the ear hearing aid Behind the ear hearing aid

Open Fit the Ear

Open fit the ear hearing aid Open fit the ear hearing aid

In the Ear

In the ear hearing aid In the ear hearing aid

In the Canal

In the canal hearing aid In the canal hearing aid

Completely in the Ear

In the ear hearing aid Completely in the ear hearing aid

Wireless Accessories

Wireless accessories


Clinic Policies 

60-Day Trial

All hearing aids are fit under a 60-day return policy. Refunds are issued if you are not satisfied, however, a small portion of the fitting fee is non-refundable. Ask your audiologist for details.


All hearing aids fit through Munson Healthcare's Hearing Clinic carry a two- or three-year warranty for breakdown due to parts and/or workmanship. All adjustments are covered while under warranty. A two- or three-year loss and damage policy is available on most models.


Most insurances are accepted, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Plus Blue, Medicaid, and Children's Special Health Care Services.

For more information, please call 231-935-6455.

Let Us Help You Hear

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