Talking to Someone with Hearing


10 Tips for Talking to Someone with Hearing Loss

When a friend or family member has a hearing loss, talking with them can be a challenge even if they have hearing aids. These 10 tips can help you communicate with people who have hearing loss, making conversations more enjoyable for both of you.  

  1. Face the listener and make sure the person can see you. 
  2. Reduce distance. Don't try to communicate from a different room.
  3. In large groups, try to have only one person speak at a time.
  4. Do not cover your mouth or chew gum/food when speaking.
  5. Rephrase a sentence rather than repeating it.
  6. Minimize background noise. Turn down the television or move to a quieter area.
  7. Get the person's attention before you start talking.
  8. Do not speak too quickly. Allow the listener time to comprehend the conversation.
  9. Do not shout or exaggerate your speech.
  10. Be patient and understanding.

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