Support Services at Thomas Judd Care Center


Support Services at Thomas Judd Care Center

Food Assistance*

Food assistance is available when use of local food pantries has been maximized.

Emergency Financial Assistance*

Emergency financial assistance is available for outpatient medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance, determined by financial need.

Transportation Assistance*

Our dedicated and friendly driver can take you to and from appointments to various locations throughout our 25-county region.

Housing/Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids (HOPWA)*

We work with Sacred Heart from Saginaw to provide short-term support for rent, mortgage payments, utilities, or help securing housing.

Education and Social Events

We offer events throughout the year to learn more about innovative HIV/AIDS treatments, news related to HIV/AIDS issues, and network with other northern Michigan residents. 


*There are caps on financial support offered by Thomas Judd Care Center, designated a “payer of last resort” after all other options are exhausted. A household budget/financial analysis worksheet must be completed by each client.

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Call us at 231-935-7548 to make an appointment, get screened, or complete a needs assessment.

Questions? Send us a note via our contact form. Your confidentiality is important to us.


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