HIV/AIDS Prevention, Wellness, and Care for Northern Michigan

The Thomas Judd Care Center in Traverse City, provides care to people in northern Michigan living with HIV/AIDS and to those at risk of contracting this infectious disease. The center offers medical care, support services, and prevention services. Founded in 1994, it is the only Ryan White federally-funded program in northern Michigan.  Thomas Judd care Center HIV Traverse City

Our dedicated case managers help people from 25 northern Michigan counties receive medical care and overcome any barriers they may encounter to receiving services. We are committed to privacy, protection of personal information, and treating clients with dignity and respect.

Enjoy speakers from the 2021 Northern Michigan HIV Summit here:

Contact Us

Call us at 231-935-7548 to make an appointment, get screened, or complete a needs assessment.

Questions? Send us a note via our contact form. Your confidentiality is important to us.

Contact Us

How to Access Care

Thomas Judd Care Center staff members go to great lengths to ensure clients receive the care and services they need. Clients can access services:

  • At the Thomas Judd Care Center at 5041 N. Royal Dr., Ste. 1 in Traverse City

  • At the PrEVENT Clinic located within the Thomas Judd Care Center

  • Through home visits via telemedicine. We can arrange real-time, face-to-face video visits with our primary care provider or nurse practitioner using HIPPA compliant technology to protect your privacy. This technology allows providers and clients to share health information in a secure environment.    

Need a Ride?

Lack of transportation is a big barrier to care for some. If you need a ride to your medical appointments, our friendly driver will pick you up and return you home, no matter where you live in the region. Call 231-935-7548

Free, Confidential HIV Testing

We offer free, rapid (results in 20 minutes), and confidential HIV testing in our offices by appointment. We will travel for testing if needed. For more information, call us at 231-935-7548 or 844-820-2995.

Interested in self-testing? Fill out the brief form at this link and we'll mail you a free, at-home HIV test.  

Community Outreach and Education

Thomas Judd Care Center regularly meets with community partners (health departments, physician offices, shelters, addiction treatment centers, churches, and others) to assess their needs, provide referrals, and educate staff members. Please call us at 231-935-7548 or 844-820-2995 if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Who We Are


Thomas Judd Care Center promotes wellness and helps prevent transmissions of HIV by providing holistic-based services to improve the quality of life for individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in northern Michigan, from US 10 to the Mackinac Bridge.


Thomas Judd Care Center endeavors to create and sustain Michigan as a state free from HIV.

Where We Got Our Name

The Thomas Judd Care Center was founded in 1994 in honor of northern Michigan native Thomas Judd. Tom contracted HIV/AIDS at age 19 while living in New York City to pursue his education and a career in the arts. He became ill in 1982, long before the medical community had identified the virus that would claim the lives of more than 30 million people in the next 30 years.

After his diagnosis, Tom moved to Bellaire and decided it was his responsibility to urge young people to learn about the disease and take all precautions to avoid contracting HIV. He appeared on panels in community forums, hospitals, and local colleges. Following his death, the Thomas Judd Care Center was founded in memorial to his tireless work to educate the public about HIV/AIDS, and to promote understanding and compassion for those struggling with the disease. 

The Thomas Judd Care Center continues to provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS across the northern Michigan region.