Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Pulmonary Rehabilitation  

Registered respiratory therapists, registered nurses, and certified exercise specialists provide pulmonary rehab services in Cadillac, Frankfort, Gaylord, Grayling, Kalkaska, Manistee, and Traverse City. Cardiopulmonary rehab also is available for those with lung and heart disorders.  

Pulmonary rehabilitation is an evidence-based discipline that reduces symptoms and improves exercise tolerance and health-related quality of life. We know what works, and we can help you breathe better.

A referral for pulmonary rehabilitation is required from your family physician or a specialist. Preferred pre-program tests done within the past year include a complete pulmonary function test, an exercise test with oximetry, chest x-ray, EKG, complete blood count, and an arterial blood gas.

Patients Who Benefit

Pulmonary rehabilitation can benefit patients with:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • COPD
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Emphysema
  • Environmental and occupational lung diseases
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Post-lung surgery
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Restrictive lung diseases

How Pulmonary Rehab May Help You

Patients may see an improvement in their quality of life and sense of well-being. Patients learn more about disease management, and helping to reduce anxiety and depression. They may experience:

  • Less shortness of breath
  • More control over their breathing pattern
  • An increased tolerance for exercise
  • Increased strength and stamina

What the Program Includes

Intensive rehab therapy includes eight educational classes and up to 36 sessions of supervised progressive exercise. Registered respiratory therapists, registered nurses, and exercise specialists personalize your exercise program to meet your goals and will measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation throughout each exercise session. Sessions include using treadmills, stationary bikes, arm exercise equipment, Nu Step, and rowing machines. Participation is two to three times per week. 

Patients and their family members will learn:

  • Appropriate use of oxygen
  • Breathing retraining
  • Bronchial hygiene
  • Exercise physiology
  • Medication management
  • Nutrition
  • Proper use of inhalers
  • Stress management and panic control
  • Understanding lung disease

Patients will be informed about community resources that can help resolve the psychological, social, financial, and occupational problems often associated with lung disease.

Insurance Coverage

This high quality program is offered at a minimum cost to the patient. A portion of the program’s cost may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or Priority Health. Other insurance plans, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, may also cover partial costs, depending on the extent of coverage. Consult your insurance representative for coverage details.

Support Services

Better Breathers (Available in Cadillac, Frankfort, Grayling, Kalkaska, Manistee, and Traverse City)

This series of eight classes is led by health care professionals who teach patients with COPD how to live and breathe better. It is offered at Foster Family Community Health Center in Traverse City and Cadillac Hospital. Classes are also available via REMEC at Grayling Hospital, Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Manistee Hospital, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital. Call 231-392-7142 for class information. Class topics include:

  • Lung anatomy and physiology; lung diseases
  • Know your medications
  • Breathing devices, exercises, and hygiene; travel tips
  • Pain control, stress and relaxation
  • Psychological aspects of chronic illness; intimacy
  • Nutrition and lung disease
  • Building strength and endurance
  • Energy conservation

Easy Breathers (Available in Gaylord)

Otsego Memorial Hospital offers 12 weeks of classes for patients referred by a physician for pulmonary rehabilitation. The purpose of pulmonary rehab is to provide:

  • Guidance in the areas of exercise, nutrition, medication use, stress management, and more.
  • A safe and beneficial environment for exercise with the supervision of trained staff.
  • Help to reduce symptoms, become physically stronger, and improve sense of well-being.
  • Help for clients to function more comfortably and independently at home.
  • Home exercise prescriptions for clients

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Exercise Sessions

Once you have completed your 36 sessions of pulmonary rehab, it is recommended that you continue with your established exercise routine. Talk to your respiratory therapist, rehab team, or primary care provider about ways to maintain your exercise program.

Smoking Cessation

Find the information and support you need to break the smoking habit for good. 

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