InBody Scans First Step Toward Successful Weight Loss Goals

InBody Scans First Step Toward Successful Weight Loss Goals

Northern Michigan residents considering a healthier 2020 are invited to experience discounted InBody scans to start their New Year’s weight-loss journeys.

Munson Healthcare’s Healthy Weight Center is offering $30 InBody scans now through Feb. 29, a 25-percent discount.

InBody’s medical-grade scanning technology provides a full overview of a participant’s body composition – including key numbers traditional scales cannot measure:

  • Body fat mass and percentage
  • Visceral fat level
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body water
  • Lean mass distribution
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and more.

The scan works similar to traditional scales and nearly as fast. Participants step onto a square platform – roughly the size of a bathroom scale – and hold the attached handlebars. InBody gently scans the participant in a matter of seconds. 

Experienced Healthy Weight Center staff members share scan results with participants and recommend next steps. This data should inform healthy decisions such as how many calories to consume for weight loss, where muscle strength needs improvement, and whether body fat location is a risk indicator for diseases such as diabetes or stroke.

“Using only bodyweight as a measure of progress can be frustrating and misleading,” said Ben Watson, M.S., ACE-CMES, EIM2, weight management coordinator at Munson Healthcare's Foster Family Community Health Center. “The InBody scan is able to quantify fat loss and allow individuals to understand the complexity and nuances associated with stepping on the scale. It’s been a great tool to add to the education process for our patients and participants.”

In three-to-six months, participants may return for a new scan to measure improvement and establish a new set of goals.

Interested participants may schedule an InBody scan by calling the Healthy Weight Center at 231-935-8606. Appointments typically run 30 minutes.

The Healthy Weight Center is located in Munson Healthcare’s Foster Family Community Health Center at 550 Munson Ave. in Traverse City. 
Personal training and medical monitoring are also available. For more information visit