New Clinics Offering Expanded Access to Care in Traverse City

New Clinics Offering Expanded Access to Care in Traverse City

Munson Healthcare is expanding access to care in Traverse City with two new clinics.  

On March 18, Munson Healthcare Elmwood Primary Care and Munson Healthcare Cedarwoods Internal and Geriatric Medicine will open. These clinics join the expansion in primary care services with Munson Healthcare Foster Family Primary Care which opened last year. 


This expansion builds upon the need that was served by Milliken Medical Group. The clinics will move out of Milliken Medical Group’s current location to two newly renovated facilities— Elmwood Primary Care will be located at 921 West Front St., and Cedarwoods Internal and Geriatric Medicine will be located at 5041 North Royal Dr. All providers currently at Milliken Medical Group will transition to the new practices, and Elmwood Primary Care and Cedarwoods Internal and Geriatric Medicine are accepting new patients. Elmwood Primary Care accepts patients of all ages, including newborns and children, while Cedarwoods Internal and Geriatric Medicine specializes in patients over 18 years old, with a focus on older adults.   

“As a part of Munson Healthcare’s Regional Care Transformation plan, we’re committed to offering greater access to the care our communities need the most," said Laura Glenn, Chief Operating Officer at Munson Healthcare. “By transitioning Milliken Medical Group into two new clinics, we’re able to enhance the patient experience for both primary care and internal medicine, as well as expand care for our aging population.”  

Munson Healthcare announced its Regional Care Transformation Plan in September 2023. The plan highlights include investing in outpatient services and primary care; adopting a more patient centric model; expanding virtual care access and regionalizing some inpatient services to maximize resources across the system.