Submit Your Amazing Patient Story

Polaroid image of a woman gardeningWe often hear wonderful words from our patients praising the amazing care they received at Munson Healthcare. But the true motivation behind our great care is to help return the people we serve back to their everyday lives. Our amazing campaign celebrates just that — the moments we help our patients get back to following our care.

No one knows our patients better than you. Amazing patient outcomes are a direct result of the compassionate, high quality care you provide each and every day.

Help celebrate the amazing outcomes we help patients achieve by sharing your own patient stories! These “success” stories should demonstrate the following:

  • Patients who are enjoying favorite pastimes again as a result of your care.
  • Patients you’ve helped get back to the everyday things they weren’t able to do once they became injured or ill — simple things such as being able to grocery shop, walking out to the mailbox, or climbing the stairs.
  • Patients who started a whole new adventure because they are feeling so great following your care.

Please submit your amazing stories below. Note: specific patient names need not be identified at this time.