Little Choices: Snack on Raw Nuts and Seeds


A great little choice that can make a big difference in your heart health is to simply change how you snack. Watch as Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Wellness Instructor Rachel Sytsma Reed, PhD, shares one of her favorite crunchy – and heart-healthy – snacks. Find the recipe following the video below.

Recipe: Date Boat Snack

1 serving

  • 2-3 organic Medjool* dates, halved (to form two “boats”) with the pit removed
  • 4-6 organic raw cashews (intact)
  • Raw organic cheddar or your favorite vegetarian-friendly sharp cheddar, cut into thick rectangles that will fit nicely into the “cabin” of your date boat.

Fit a cashew and small piece of cheese into each date boat and enjoy protein, fat, and micronutrients all in one quick, easy snack with a hint of sweetness.

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