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The Top Blog Posts of 2020

Published on Jan. 07, 2021

From the basics of herd immunity to the most affordable healthy foods, we covered many topics to bring you the best ways to stay healthy in 2020. And that’s on top of the inspiring patients who shared their amazing stories of healing along the way. As the year winds to a close – and in celebration of Munson Connection’s first anniversary earlier this month – we share our most visited blogs that sparked both inspiration and conversation.

Top Wellness Stories

1. 5 Ways to Treat Your Heart Right This Winter
Take him or leave him, “old man winter” can take its toll on your health – especially your heart.  In fact, frigid temperatures can actually increase your risk of a heart attack. Protect your heart this winter with these top tips.

2. 12 Foods with the Healthiest Bang for Your Buck
When you consider affordable food, the word “healthy" may not immediately pop into mind. The truth is, many of the healthiest foods on the planet can be as kind to your budget as they are to your body. Find out which ones!

3. Eight Healthy Tips for Better Sleep
Not Sleeping Well? You could be one of nearly half of all Americans with a sleep disorder. Learn how much sleep you really need, plus how to put your sleepless nights on snooze.

4. Does It Matter: Fresh, Frozen, or Canned Produce?
Frozen or canned vegetables and fruits are typically more budget-friendly. But are they as nutritious? Get the full scoop.

5. Improve Your Reaction to Stress
Ever wished you could react to stress differently rather than turning to food, alcohol, cigarettes, or anger? If you yearn to cope with stress in better ways, this blog will shows you how.

6. Prediabetes: Are You At Risk?
You’ve probably never wondered if you have prediabetes. But the truth is, diabetes is pretty prevalent – though it can also be completely reversed! Learn the common misperceptions about prediabetes and check your risk.

Top Patient Stories 

1. A Continuum of Care: Living with Colorectal Cancer
By all appearances, Cindy T doesn’t look like a woman living with stage IV colorectal cancer. Learn how she discovered her startling diagnosis and what she’s doing to fight back. Read Cindy’s story.

2. Conquering Mountains
72-year-old John M enjoys every drop of our four-season paradise. But when some unusual symptoms struck, this avid outdoor adventurer didn’t hesitate to seek medical help. Learn how John recognized the signs – both of his massive heart attack and the pancreatic cancer that soon followed – and how his passion for staying fit is stronger than ever. Read John’s journey.

3. Darkness Before the Dawn
Employee Sandi Honigfort found her way out of a dark place – but not before facing her depression and trauma head-on. Read Sandi’s brave story.

4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Wound Care
After a car struck his snowmobile, 28-year-old Colten C was confronted with the potentially devastating loss of his left leg. Learn more about the incredible therapy that offered him hope – and how he’s doing today. Read Colton’s story.

5. Minimally-Invasive Stroke Care Saves Lives
Ann M woke up with yet another charley horse cramp in her leg. But this time, something else was unusual. Learn the reasons Ann’s husband Bill knew something was wrong, and the unique, cutting-edge stroke care Munson Healthcare introduced this summer that saved Ann’s life. Read Ann’s story.

6. Walking on Sunshine
A special painting hangs in the entryway of Mary Free Bed at Munson Medical Center’s inpatient rehabilitation unit. But behind its sunny orb is a story you won’t soon forget. Read 94-year-old Dan W’s story of survival and his daughter’s heartfelt tribute to the team who saw his healing through. Read Dan and Marcia’s story.

Top COVID-19 Stories

1. COVID-19: Six Essential Coping Strategies
Part one of a two-part series, this essential blog is still a must-read for managing the mental and emotional effects of the COVID-19.

2. Donating Blood During COVID
Among the many important questions we received, our amazing communities wanted to know if it was still safe to donate blood during COVID-19. Here’s the surprising answer!

3. Explaining Social Distancing to Kids
Social distancing. Two seemingly simple words whose concept has presented a unique challenge for us all – especially kids. These top tips are still relevant for kids of all ages who struggle with understanding why play dates and hangouts look different this year.

4. What is Herd Immunity? The Basics of Herd Immunity and Its Implications for COVID-19
Here’s everything you need to know about herd immunity, including how it works, the two ways it’s reached, and the percentage of the population has to be immune to achieve it.

5. Why Wearing a Mask Matters
Why exactly are masks required? What kind of mask should you wear and where? How to wear – and not wear – your mask. Learn why it all matters for slowing the spread.

6. Wash Your Hands the Right Way
Washing your hands the right way is kind of a big deal. Learn the 5 simple steps to clean and germ-free hands!