Chapel & Spiritual Care at Cadillac Hospital


Chapel and Spiritual Care

Supporting a loved one while he or she is in the hospital can be difficult. During this time, it may help to take a few moments just for yourself. Our all-faith chapel is available on the first floor the hospital, just west of the main entrance. Everyone is welcome.

Spiritual and Religious Support

We believe that your spiritual well-being contributes to your physical health. Our Spiritual Care Department provides the services of professional chaplains and volunteers.

Services to patients, family, and staff members of all faiths include:

  • Bibles and other religious literature
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Ministry to grieving and bereaved persons
  • Networking with community clergy
  • Sacramental ministries
  • Short-term pastoral counseling and referrals
  • Spiritual assistance in emergency situations
  • Support in ethical decision making
  • Worship services

How a Chaplain Can Help You

  • Share Your Burden. A well-trained chaplain will encourage you to express whatever you are feeling, which in turn can aid in your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Assist You in Contacting Your Spiritual Support. A chaplain will call your church or pastor and help provide services pertaining to your faith.
  • Help You Find Your Own Answers. A chaplain will not judge your spiritual life, but can help you strengthen it.
  • Provide Information. A chaplain can offer guidance pertaining to medical ethics questions, such as advance directives, and decisions about life support.

You may request a chaplain at any time by informing a member of your care team, or by calling our Spiritual Care Department at 231-876-7738.