Cancer Services Public Reporting of Outcomes


Public Reporting of Outcomes

Munson Medical Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer (CoC). In accordance with this accreditation, the following reports summarize activity from 2017.

Cancer Genetics Clinics Report

Everyone has heard the expression that cancer tends to run in the family. In many cases, this is true. Our Cancer Genetics Clinic is available to patients seeking to determine if they may have a familial predisposition to certain types of cancer. 

In 2017, the Cancer Genetics Clinic provided genetic counseling and support to 234 people. If you believe your family history may provide a link into your own health and you meet certain criteria, please call the clinic for more information. Before visiting the Cancer Genetics Clinic, you will be asked to complete a family health history questionnaire. A pre-visit telephone screening will be arranged with a nurse practitioner. An appointment is then scheduled at the clinic to further discuss how your genes may affect your health.

Cancer Research Report

Cancer Research at Munson Medical Center had 242 patients participating in clinical trials as of 2017. This includes patients registered for treatment trials, quality of life/supportive care trials, patient registry, genetics, and screening trials.

According to Standard 1:9: Clinical Trial Accrual; as appropriate to the cancer program category, the required percentage of patients is accrued to cancer-related clinical trials.

Community Events Report

Munson Healthcare actively participates in many community events that target patient welfare. These include events such as community education, remembrance runs, cancer awareness events, survivorship, health fairs, support groups, nutritional support services, and fundraisers. Represented in these events are particular cancers, such as breast, colon, skin, lung and prostate.

These successful events bring together community volunteers and participants and have hosted upward of 300 participants. 

Fundraising is an important part of these community events and provides an opportunity for volunteers, participants, and donors to give back to the community. All communities have people and families in need and many of these events benefit the Women’s Cancer Fund. The Women’s Cancer Fund provides assistance to female oncology patients who have requested financial assistance from an Oncology Financial Navigator.

Nursing Report

The oncology nursing staff is led by the clinical director of Oncology Services. Reporting to the clinical director are mid-level managers, NPs, RNs, LPNs, MAs and all other clinical staff. Nursing competency is evaluated during orientation and annually thereafter under the direction of the oncology leadership and is reported to the Cancer Committee.

Skilled nursing care is of primary importance at Munson Healthcare and within Oncology. Nurses with specialized training are available throughout the oncology program. Within Oncology, there are 44 oncology trained nurses, of which 31 are oncology certified (OCN). More than 25 percent of chemotherapy trained nurses hold a current OCN certification. Nursing staff within Oncology also includes two geriatric-certified nurses and two nurses certified in medical surgical nursing.

Munson Medical Center has 24 oncology beds with a 4-to-1 nurse-to-patient ratio. There also are 44 beds in the Infusion Center. In addition to their clinical functions, nursing staff provide a wide range of services including education, support, and participation in community events.

There are 61 active members of the Oncology Nursing Society from northern Michigan. Future goals include standardizing nursing practices at all oncology sites.

Palliative Care Report

Palliative Care at Munson Healthcare includes inpatient and outpatient services providing expertise in pain and symptom management for patients at Munson Healthcare includes inpatient and outpatient services providing expertise in pain and symptom management for patients with serious illness. Palliative Care is for people of any age, at any stage of a serious illness who are experiencing symptoms and/or stressors related to a serious illness.

The Palliative Care team works closely with your current care provider. We are physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed master social workers, spiritual care advisors, and we also offer support groups. The Palliative Care team also assists with goals of care as it relates to the disease processes, advance directive paperwork, treatment options, as well as home care options.

Consultations are available on a one-time basis or repeat visits with patients actively managing acute symptoms. Patients receive palliative care visits while in the hospital or at outpatient clinics.  

Screening and Prevention Report

Lung Cancer Screening Services

Munson Healthcare provides access to advanced diagnostics and care for individuals at increased risk of lung cancer. The Lung Screening Program is accredited by the American College of Radiology at: Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, Cadillac Hospital, Charlevoix Hospital, Grayling Hospital, Munson Medical Cancer, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital. All locations provide lung scans for those who are eligible, meeting the highest quality and safety standards in medical imaging.   

An oncology nurse practitioner in the multidisciplinary thoracic oncology program at the Cowell Family Cancer Center offers eligibility review and shared decision making visits. If the patient meets criteria, a low-dose CT scan will be performed and follow up is managed for early findings (Lung-RADS 1-2). Positive findings (Lung-RADS 3-4) will be communicated to the referring provider for necessary work-up. If a lung cancer is found, our multidisciplinary thoracic oncology team is available as an option to determine the best plan for treatment.

From January 1 - October 31, 2016, 487 qualifying individuals received the lung scan. Seventy-seven of these patients’ scan results had findings that required further follow-up.

View LCSR data.

Cancer Screening

The Cancer Committee reports that our Mammography Assistance Program offers free screening mammograms for uninsured/underinsured men and women who have their testing at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center,  Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, Munson Medical Center, or the Smith Family Breast Health Center. 

This screening program is based on community need and is consistent with national guidelines and evidence-based interventions. All screening mammograms are reviewed by a radiologist and follow-up procedures are in place for any positive findings. The goal of early screening is to decrease the number of patients with initial diagnosis of late stage disease. 

Participant totals in the Mammography Assistance Program in 2014 were 414, down from 449 in 2013. Paid diagnostic and screening mammograms at the time of writing were at 281.

The Lung Cancer Screening Program was launched in October of 2015. Information has been sent to providers and consumers announcing the program, including Medicare support of low-dose CT screening for lung cancer. 

Prevention Programs

Colon cancer awareness was the focus of a community education effort offered through a local Health Fair/Wellness program that featured prevention, screening guidelines, early detection and healthy lifestyle choices. The Women’s Remembrance Run Health Fair drew more than 200 participants, as well as additional programs offered for breast cancer, skin, and lung cancer awareness that drew more than 700 participants collectively.